Induction and labor and delivery

Hi all,

I’m 33.5 weeks pregnant and have been living with diabetes for 21 years. I see a team of two perinatologists who do the clinical care only(the general OBs in the practice do labor and delivery).

The standard of care in this practice is to induce at 39 weeks and put you on an insulin and glucose drip once you enter the hospital. I’ve talked about my concerns regarding both of these standards with the physicians. They’ve shared that the induction at 39 weeks may be somewhat negotiable depending on how everything is going. They shared that the glucose and insulin drip is pretty much a given, unless I really pushed the issue.

Here are my concerns - my understanding that inductions can lead to a higher rate of interventions. Also, my husband and I both know how to navigate my pump and diabetes, so it’s honestly a bit scary of an idea to be put on an insulin drip and glucose drip and not have any control over it. I also worry that this will make it harder for me to be mobile while dealing with contractions.

Those of you who have had inductions - what was your experience and would you do things differently if it were an option? Have any of you used acupuncture or acupressure or other “natural” ways to induce labor?

And what have your experiences been either using the pump or glucose and insulin drip during labor and delivery?

I can’t say anything about the whole “labor and delivery” part because I don’t yet have any children, but wow ---- insulin and glucose sounds like a BAD idea. What happens when they give you too much glucose? Or too much insulin? Your pump does the same “insulin” drip, so I personally would tell them to screw off, and have your hubby help you manage your diabetes.
Look on the bright side, you won’t have to worry about absolutely perfect blood sugars during delivery — the baby wont be effected for much longer lol

I work as a veterinary technician and I’ve heard that they do this when they hospitalize uncontrolled diabetic animals (mainly cats) in a critical care situation (I work in general practice). Cats, more than anything are in a Type 2-like situation. Do they realize you are type 1? It scares me to death to think about being in that situation! Can you see what an endocrinologist would recommend? If anyone suggested this to me, I’d find a new doctor or I’d demand some research or stats on the outcome!

Hi @Adutcher,

I was induced at 39 weeks, and they let me keep my pump on the entire time. I think all hospitals are different though. My hospital rules were that they had to check my blood sugar and if my blood sugar raised over 110 more than twice they would then have me take my pump off. My blood sugars were running on the lower side because of not being able to eat anything in the 70’s. So for me it all worked out. But, I ended up having a C-section 19 hours later!

I know that you have something in your head, as did I. My entire pregnancy I DID NOT WANT A C-SECTION, and I chose it myself because the induce didn’t even work for me. My little guy wasn’t ready cookin’! LOL

The best advice I can give you is to do what you feel is right at the time. If the hospital requires you not to keep your pump on there honestly isn’t anything you can do about it. Just go with the flow it will cause you to be less stressed. Actually, they had to remove my pump during surgery, and I was on the drip in the operating room, they let me put it right back on before I went up to my room. Find out everything before hand from your hospital, and ask your doctors a lot of questions.

It all works out. Hang in there you are almost there!!

I have not been pregnant (yet), but have been doing a lot of research about T1D and pregnancy to prepare for one in the hopefully near future. My current opinion on this issue is give me insulin/glucose drip! I feel like I’ll have enough to do when the time comes–let someone else manage my D for awhile! Clearly they do it all time and have plenty of experience with different women. However, I realize you have to be comfortable with your own situation–this is just my opinion from afar (and one I haven’t had to officially make for myself yet). Good luck!


If I have another child, I am not fighting anyone on anything regarding my diabetes stuff. First, the hospital doesn’t care what you have to say anyway and secondly, they follow their protocols and that’s it. You honestly have no say after a while. You can use your own meter if you want but, then you are sticking your finger twice as much. HOW DUMB! We always want a break from diabetes care and the moment I can have at least 5 days of someone else doing it, I want to fight them LOL Lesson learned. LOLOL

I cannot agree with most of what I have read here. The patient ALWAYS has a choice to say no - it is in your patient rights to deny anything! If you don’t feel comfortable with the drip, don’t do it. In my experience the people in hospitals have no idea how to treat T1D’s.

I wanted as few medical interventions as possible. I was able to convince my team to hold off inducing until my due date since my BGs were tight and they baby was growing at a normal pace, but staying on my insulin pump, although I asked about it and made my thoughts clear, was not going to happen. I was disappointed, but I was happy I didn’t have to be induced (because you’re right, the probability of a C-section is much greater), my daughter was born one day early at 8 lbs 4 oz. The reasoning they gave about the insulin and glucose drips were that if blood sugar goes out of range, it’s easier and faster to correct with a drip than with the pump. I wanted and had a natural childbirth, but I was hoping to rely on the whirlpool tubs at the hospital for pain relief during labor, but because I was hooked up to IVs and monitors I wasn’t able to use them, which was the most disappointing for me.

Based on my experience with my first born baby, I wanted to deliver him normally. As much as possible no C-section. I was worried with the complication with my diabetic condition. My friend recommended castor oil for labor induction because it works for her. I talked with my doctor about the oil and she approved it with right dosage. There was lesser side effect on me and after thorough checks up, walking exercise and drinking the oil. I was able to deliver the baby with no c-section. It works for me, but I always believe its a case to case basis. Better consult your doctor about it.