Induction Cooktop

Hi All. This is my first time in this forum so thank you in advance for reading this. My wife and I are planning a kitchen renovation for this summer and recently ordered an induction cooktop. After some additional research, we came across some information that stated there’s a possibility the electromagnetic field could interfere with our 16-year-old daughter’s Omnipod and Dexcom. Has anyone had this experience? I’m ready to cancel the order if there’s any chance this could happen and go back to a regular cooktop but figured I’d check first and see if anyone else has had a problem. Thank you!

No chance. Hi @tkeogh welcome to TypeOneNation. In my opinion, you’ll be fine. Now if she goes near a MRI it’s a different story.

Thankfully I don’t need any type of scans very often but I would go to great pains to schedule them at or near the end of a sensor session - I removed it before going on and started a new one when I was finished.
Please verify this yourself, but I placed a support call to Dexcom regarding something else and mentioned that - they said they replace sensors you have to remove for scans.
A little off topic but I thought I would mention it.
PS - welcome to the forum, and rest assured @joe is extremely knowledgeable - he really knows his stuff.