Induction Date is set for December 8th at 6pm

I had my 36 week appointment today and my cervix is still "high and hard". She also is scheudling me for my induction next Thursday the 8th.  She said that the high risk specialist does not want me to go past 37 weeks if I am to try an induction because of the baby's shoulders being too big.  She said that the measurements were in the 98th percentile and baby may not fit through the pelvis even if the induction is successful.  I AM REALLY NERVOUS. 

My concerns or questions I have from you ladies is...

Would you choose to try for an induction even if;

  • the chance of it being successful is only 20%?
  • The chance of her shoulders being too big is fairly high (could get stuck or have damage if they can't get her out in time)
  • her being only 37 weeks gives her a higher chance for jaundice and latching issues? 

Or would you be more inclined to wait until 39 weeks and just scheudle a c-section?

I guess I would opt for waiting the 39 weeks and scheduling a C-section. I would prefer to deliver naturally too, but it's not worth the risk, to me anyway. If the chances of it being successful are slim (20%), you might as well save youself the trouble and just get a C, especially with her having the wide shoulders. Good luck, everything will work out!! It will all be worth it in the end!! =)

Thanks Kelly!  We go and get an amnio next wednesday so I am going to use that to gauge my decision...

I agree with Kelly to schedule a cesarean for the 39th week.  It really doesn't matter how your baby is born, just as long as you and the baby are healthy.  I think people idealize vaginal birth.  It does provide a shorter recovery time, but women and babies used to die (and still die in countries without modern OBGYN care) before cesareans were done.  It's a perfectly good way for your baby to come into the world.  

When they do the cesarean you can be anesthetized with an epidural, so you feel the baby being removed, but it doesn't hurt.  Then you get to see your beautiful baby and when your husband takes the baby away to be measured and bathed, they'll knock you out and finish the surgery.  

It's so exciting that you'll get to meet your baby in just a few weeks!  Congratulations on becoming a mom.  It's a wonderful blessing.  

I was scheduled to be induced for both of my children;however, the drs. gave me the choice of a c-section or natural.  My first son was an emergency c-section.  The second was a natural, however, he was bigger than the first.  I would ask the dr if you got induced, if it neccessarily has to be a c-section.  Talk to them about the options available.  Weigh the pros and cons of both and see which one will work out for you the best. (My first son got his shoulder stuck and then when I contracted, his heart rate dropped, so that was the reason for the emergency c-section.)