Ineresting Video on Type 1 Stem Cell Cure

This is worth watching:


Anyone else afraid of it? Not having diabetes scares me a little only because I'm not sure how to live without it. I was diagnosed when I was 11, and it was such a fog before that, that all I remember is diabetes.

Do you think the procedure would be the same for everyone?? Yikes.

Thanks for posting the video Paul.  Definitely interesting.  In the back of my mind (and probably because I have the bad, I can't believe it until i see it attitude) I keep thinking - if they replace the 'bad police' with the 'new recruits'  won't they just turn coat at some point in time like our original cells did?  The report didn't say but do you think they manipulate the stem cells so we won't have the same thing happen?  I haven't looked closely into the stem cell replacement studies going on so I don't know.  If you have another link that might educate me a bit, I'd appreciate it.  I'm going to look for some myself too.  Thanks again for posting the vid.

when my granddaughter was diagnosed at 3 years old (she is now 5) the dr's at loma linda promised me that in her lifetime there will be a cure for diabetes....maybe this is it...the researcher in the vid said it has lasted for three years to 14 out of 15 ppl but then time will only tell on how long it will really last won't it?...definately something to look forward to...seems better than a pancreas transplant.