Information on T1 for others

So my co-worker wants a step by step list or information about how to help me if ever I was having a problem.  I know what to tell her I was just wondering if anyone had already written a list or a MEMO to anyone at their work?

She might also want some basic information to help her overcome her T1 ignorance.  Of course I'd like to help her, and also believe it's important for her to know what to do incase something happens.  It rarely gets to the point of anything serious at work because I check so much but in case!

Any help would be helpful :)

Not at my work, but I did for my roommate last year.  I showed him how to use my glucagon, insulin pen and my testing meter.  He even tested my sugar with it so that he felt more comfortable using it if he ever needed to.  The list basically included what I do when my sugar is low/high, what he should do if my sugar is low/high and I am pretty low functioning, and what to do if I am unconscious.  Very specific instructions with the glucagon because people get nervous and forget stuff during emergencies.  Also a list of phone numbers at the bottom to call (diabetes centre, my parents, etc.)

He never had to use any of it, but it's always nice to know someone around you knows what to do.  I think it made him more comfortable too that he would know what to do.

Oh and of course signs and symptoms of high/low!

Yeah I've written them before and know what to write but I just wanted to have a quick reference guide lol.  I found some online I can easily edit.

ooooh educating others!