Information packets

I recently sent away for a packet of information from the animas company about the 2020 and ping.  Today that packet of "info" came.  It was so vague, the packet had many pictures of those happy people using their product but nothing technical which is what I would need to make a decision.  I felt like a share holder of a company that is being kept out of the loop...

I don't really need you guys to respond to this it was kinda thread for me to vent about companies that expect you to make a decision based on nothing.


Following a similar experience, I did reach a local rep and she came out and spent a lot of time walking me through the Ping (it is impressive)... It may be a good next step for you, too...



damn really? i'm still waiting for my package. now im not looking forward to it!

My daughter went on the Ping in April and before that we contacted Anamis and they sent somebody out and she even got to try it for a week.  Contact them, they have been very supportive and want to help.


The Animas website is slightly vague about certain things, however it gives you a fine comparison of the other pump competitors and such. If you dig around for the Animas 2020 they have a java app. to play with the pump and that is more or less the same as the Ping. The link is here. I will have my Ping start up on Monday and am wicked excited about that so I will tell you about it than. From just messing around with it I can tell you it is a solid feeling pump, where I truly am not worried about dropping it as I am with my Medtronic Pump. It is slightly heavier, I can't remember what the weight difference is but but not to bad. However, again for more details like size, weight, and stuff you can get it on the site just look in the Pump Support area and such.