Infusion set geting stuped now.. (order)

so you remember the minni medtronic infusion set recall well i competlly forgot a bout it got a box last mounth and had a infusion set box and papers had sent 5 boxs of infusion set back. so they send 1 box every 3 mounths what a joke rite. I now have 6 infusion sets left and they sent me a box of infusion set and they were 9mm and i use 6mm so now we send the 9mm back for 6mm for one box of infusion set. and so now this is geting stuped I have 5 boxs of infusion set come with in a 3 week time periond and a order come in now tell me this is rilly stuped rite.

Similar thing happened to me, I asked for silhouettes but got more quick sets instead. So I then asked for a box of silhouette with a silhouette inserter... I got a box of quicksets with a silhouette insert! I called up my supplier and was like... "dude, this is what happened." We both laughed and I got a new box sent out to me.

I hope things work out for you soon.


yea i hope so to.