Infusion set insertion - need extra insulin

Hi friends,

Thanks for all your comments on my “hand numbness” issue - good to know at least I’m not the only one who has this symptom.

Now, a new question for everyone: Does anyone else have to add extra insulin when inserting a new infusion set? For years I used the soft set, added the .3 units upon insertion, and had no issues with it. Then they stopped making it and I changed over to the quick set. (Tried all the other options as well, but did best with the quick set.) Now, I know that below the surface, all the mechanisms are really identical. But I have had such trouble with the quick set! Have finally found an area (on my body) that is working pretty good, but… I need to put in 2 units - not the .5 units called for - every time I insert the set - or I go high - into the 200’s. There seems to be no RATIONAL explanation for this - but it is real and I have had to do this for several years now.

I recently spoke with a Medtronic nurse, who said she has heard of this from others - that the insertion acts like a trauma to the body. That I believe. And it makes sense. However, every 5th or 6th time, like yesterday- I insert the quick set, take 2 units and my BS goes down to 50 ! And yesterday, it was painful (extra trauma) going in! I always make sure I change when I know I will be home for several hours (I work from a home office). But again, all this adds extra stress to what should be a simple routine.

Anyone else experience this issue?


hi @TJC Terri, a needle to ones side is trauma plain and simple. I have used quicksets for a long time now and I always put in 2.0 units. For me, the insertion causes a local skin irritation and releases histamines. For me, these must go away or I don’t get good absorption.

So the 2.0 units, sometimes a walk (or other exercise) or sometimes a hot shower can reduce that inflammation and the if that does it, then the set is good for 2-3 days or whenever I need to change it again.

The quickset is prone to occlusion in some people and since it’s plastic tube, inserting close to muscle can bend it in a way that can block insulin. This does not happen to me that often… maybe 1 in 25+ sets or so.

I sometimes get a little low after a site change and treat it wit a couple fast carbs and i’m done with it. I am very used to the deal so I can tolerate a low and recover very fast.

cheers good luck.

Hi Joe,

Just came in from a walk, heard the ding, and saw your comment. Again, I feel better seeing other people have the same issues. Do you take the insulin all at once or over time? I take it all at once, but would consider slowing it down. I only take about 18-20 units daily - total, so 2 units is a lot at one time. Most of my boluses for meals are some fast, some slow, to avoid those ups and downs.

For a new set I take it all at once, and then test

Thanks Joe for your input

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@joe…I found this wearing an omnipod many times. SO many that I always take a bolus before removing the expired one. The new site usually won’t absorb well for minimum 6-8 hours…many times i just use a needle stick to maintain the range I want. After that the next site works great, go figure.