Infusion sets and MRIs...Quick response, please!


So, I'm getting an MRI tomorrow, and I just came up with the though of whether or not I am supposed to take out my infusion set when I get it. I know I will have to disconnect because the pump has metal, but is there any metal in the part that stays attached? As far as I can tell, there isn't, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything so I know what to do during the MRI.

If anyone could respond ASAP, that would be great.



P.S.- I use the Cleo 90 Infusion sets.

I would ask the doctor there, I am sure he/she will know.  I got an MRI done, but that was before I had diabetes.  They should know, you can't be the first diabetic to have gone in for an MRI!!!  They may ask you to disconnect just in case.  Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I'll just have to double-check with the nurses.

Almost positive it has no metal and you should be fine... good idea to double check with your doctor though (they know best). good luck.

[quote user="Heather Cole"]I would ask the doctor there, I am sure he/she will know.[/quote]

I'm pretty sure they would not know.  Rarely do doctors or nurses outside of an endo office know anything about diabetes management tools. 

I had an MRI on my shoulder a year or two ago.  I have a Medtronic quicket infusion set and left it in (but like you said, took the pump off)

i would say to double-check with Minimed.  Call their customer support line.

Good luck with the MRI; I hope it's not for anything serious.

Thanks, everyone. The MRI went fine- I just took the pump off and left the infusion set in. When I mentioned my pump to the nurse, he didn't seem to really know much, so I didn't even ask. I figured it would be fine.


P.S.- The MRI wasn't for anything major. I dislocated my knee cap a few weeks ago, and they just wanted to make sure nothing else was wrong with my knee.