Infusion Sets/Sites

Hello! I have been on the pump around seven years now and I do really love it. I had a pump vacation because it was really annoying me at one point. I then realised the pump was the best decision I ever made!! My levels are great at the moment but I am having a lot of trouble with changing my infusion sets. When I first got the pump it was great! Changing them didn’t hurt and I changed them every three days. I started stretching them to 1 week because it started getting annoying changing them when they were still staying in and my levels were still good. After a few years they started getting quite sore and leaving very sore sores and scars. I went on my pump vacation at the beginning of this year actually to let my stomach heal. Once I went back to the pump I started changing my sets every three days again but nothing changed they still hurt a lot and are worse than it ever used to be. I thought it might have been the transition back to the pump but it’s been 2 months now. Every time I go to change one now I freak out and sometimes can’t change it and try again the next day (I always keep the old one in till I’ve changed it). I have been searching and looking up what to do but can’t seem to find anything to help. I’m 16, short and don’t have much fat and can’t put them on my bottom. I have spoken to my Endo too but she said she’ll get back to me saying it sounds like I’m having a diabetes burn out but I’m not. Has anyone else gone through this or has anybody got any ideas on what can help to get rid of scars?? Thanks JacJac

Hi, I’ve been on the pump for eleven years and have had my fair share of hating infusion sites. My stomach, for some reason, always hurt me a lot more when I put my sites in and didn’t work as well. But if you can’t change where you usually out the sites in, I would try getting another type of infusion. I had a lot of problems when I first went on and ended up switching. I’ve been using the quickset and have never had any problems.
Also, have you considered you might be having a reaction to the adhesive? That happened to me also and once I got a different site I stopped having reactions.
I hope this helps!

I didn’t see what type of infusion set you’re using. I tried the 90-degree (Quick Set) at first, but I’m pretty lean through the abdomen area and I kept getting kinked cannulas. My CDE soon recommended I switch to the 30-degree angle Silhouette, and I’ve had no problems since. I do use the Sil-serter device. I wish it were gentler, but it does the trick.

That’s funny, I had a lt of problems with angled infusion sites :slight_smile: but I think the best way to go about it is to experiment, whoh I know is an absolute pain, but in the end you’ll hopefully be a lot more comfortable

I used to use the quick sets but I always had them getting kinked as well. I’m using the mio infusion sets at the moment and the tape does tend to itch a bit. Thanks for your advice I think I’ll give the quick sets a go again. The Angled ones scare me I’m not sure about them…
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m new to this (just joined today!) and I’ve been using the insulin pens since I was diagnosed and I’ve grown tired to the constant needle poking and the scars left behind. I’m about 90% positive I want to switch the pump but I’m just a little bit nervous about actually putting the pump in. Is there any advice anyone can give me? It would be really helpful!

I am sure there are plenty of scar creams that I know about from cvs if you just ask them, and also St. Johnswort Oil helps a lot for scar tissue. Also Ive never used my stomach as a site because I’m “all muscle” (says my doctor) But I have used my legs and arms and butt(… I know…) and the more you move them around the less scar tissue and scars you get.
<3 stay strong

hey guys! my first day on this site, and excited to be here. It is kind of embarrassing but i still have a lot of problems with my infusion set. i have had T1D for over fourteen years and have been using the Sure-T infusion sets for over 18 months but i still have issues almost every time! some times i can put it in within minutes, other times it takes me what seems forever. it seems my biggest issue is my fear that it will hurt, can anyone else relate to this? i would just like to get to a point where the set isnt such a struggle. also, does anyone here use mio, if so how do you like it?? thank you guys for listening 9(=(=

Hey amandalw, I have had diabetes for 14 years now and been on the pump for 7. These are the problems I have with it too. Will it hurt will it not hurt? I just changed mine yesterday within 15 minuets which is a short time limit for me and it hurt a lot. I normally take around an hour to change a site because I’m scared it’s gonna hurt. I have started using bio oil which is helping with the scars and scar tissue (Yay). I use the mio sets because the quick sets were getting kinked and had to change them maybe twice a day because of that. They are all right. They are smaller than the quick sets which is good. I have loved them for the last 5/6 years of having them but they have now become quite sore and they are a bit itchy. I’m thinking of trying out some others now :slight_smile: If you are looking to change infusion sets I recommend trying the mio’s and if you don’t like them change back. The plunger is really good and I like it much more than the quick sets. It’s easy enough to do it’s just getting in the right mind set and trying not to think about if it will hurt or not. It’s hard but we’ll try!!
Hope this helped :slight_smile: JacJac