Infusion Sets

Hi folks,

I am looking for some feedback as to your favourite Animas infusion set.  I tried both the 90-degree angle and the 30-degree angle sets when I met with the sales rep.  I like how the 90-degree set comes prepackaged with the tubing but I feel like it will be more likely to pull out.  Also, the 30-degree set stung less when I put it in (but that may have just been location - having only tried each type of infusion set once, I don't have a very large sample size for comparison!).  In any case, I can't decide which I prefer.  Any input will be much appreciated.



Hi Laura,

I've been using the Animas 2020 pump since late November 2008.  At the time that I was trained, the nurse showed me both the 90° and the 30° automatic infusion sets, but she didn't recommend either because she claimed it's common for the tape to get all bunched up when you use them and you end up wasting a whole set.  Instead, she introduced me to the Comfort Short infusion set.  It is a manual type, so you have to actually inject it yourself, on an angle of between 15 and 45°.

At first, being new to the whole thing, I would get so nervous when it came time to change my site that I would shake like a leaf when it came to inserting the needle, which made it a little more difficult.  However, after about 4 or 5 times, I became a lot more comfortable with the whole idea and now it is pretty much painless and effortless!  I guess the only limitation is that you cannot be afraid of needles, as I understand that some diabetics still are!

The other thing I just tried was changing the location for my site.  Until now, I was always using my abdomen, simply rotating from one side to the other.  This morning, when I had to change my site, I decided to use the side of my thigh, just to try something different.  So far so good!  

I've been using an Animas 1200 since December 2006.  I have tried a number of sets and now use the Inset IIs.  If you squeeze the inserter when you pull the inserter back, the tape will not bunch up.  I wasted a number of them figuring that out.  I think you just have to try different sets.  My trainer seemed willing to give me samples of whatever set I wanted.  I have also obtained samples at different diabetes events.  Just try each one, but for me the Inset II 90 degree set made pumping way more comfortable and easy.  I am rarely aware of the set when it is in.

Hi Laura...

When I was on Animas I used the Inset...I loved that it had color choices.  I use the insets with my minimed too!