Infusion sets

Is it normal for a little blood to be in your cannula? I had a class yesterday on pumps and my endocrinologist had me put in an infusion set to try out for 2 days before I start saline. I noticed that there is a little blood in the cannula.

It doesn't happen all the time, but it can occasionally.  I've never noticed insulin absorbing any differently either way.  If you're thin or have a lot of muscle then ask your diabetes educator to let you try different sites.  They usually start everyone on the quick set types.

Your first week or two on a pump might feel really weird, but you'll adjust.  Let us know how it goes for you and if you have any pump questions.

Take care.  -Jenna

Personal experience, but yes and no.

With the Silhouette infusion set, I got blood in the cannula more often. Now I use the Mio with much less occurrence. But even if it does show up, it should go away with the fixed prime (I forget what the new pumps call it... cannula fill I think?). And definitely should last for more than a couple hours if the flow on the pump is going.

But a little blood is no biggie in general. Sounds like maybe you don't have flow yet? If so, totally don't worry about it. My little tidbit to you is to try a couple different infusion sets if you're able just to see if one works better for you than another.

Thanks :) I don't have the pump connected yet though. I just have the quick set infusion set with the tubing in just dangling right now. I am getting my pump inserted on December 9 and starting saline that day. On December 19, I am going to start insulin in my pump. I am so excited!!!

I am getting the brand new Medtronic minimed 530G with the enlightenment sensor. I have the silhouette infusion set that I have for my pump once I get it inserted.

If you don't have a pump connected you are going to get blood - once the pump is connected insulin will keep blood out...  with the CGMs you will see blood.  

Scott's spot on. I have my 530G sitting in a box waiting for my training session. It's taking forever!

DjLandschoot - if Silhouette works for you , great. But you might want to also get a couple free samples of the other sets. Mio doesn't require a separate inserting device. You can usually change the infusion set any time you refill. You know whats funny?... I may be the only person that has trouble with the Silhouette set. Everyone I talk to said it worked well for them, but I always had trouble, which is why I always say people should try the other sets if they haven't already.

Hope it goes smooth for you!

Ok, I will be getting my 530G on Wednesday - already talked to trainer, but I think it will not be a problem using it without much "training" -- I mean the only difference is a couple of settings and the Elite is the same thing as I already use .... really I have too many old senors to start immediately, but I would like to stop my lows.

Dennis, let me know what you think when you start using yours.


I've actually been having trouble with unexpected highs and haven't had a sensor in years so my endo strongly suggested I wait for the training. I'm tempting to crack open the pump, but that's not my main concern... its the CGM. I think the pump hasn't changed much in 15 years, but the CGM will be more new to me.

I'm in the MD/DC area and getting a hold on the educator has been a real pain, but I'm looking forward to hopefully useful sensor data. I'll let you know how it goes.


I had A LOT of trouble with silhouettes! I got bruised, had gushers, very painful insertion sites. I switched to quicksets and have been using them ever since!! Best thing I have ever done! The 45 degree angle was not working for me at all! I wished I had tried the other insertions but, now I am set in my ways! One day I will try Mio LOL

I am also curious as to how you guys like the MM 530 Enlite, don't forget to post your reviews!!

Good luck! I tried both the silhouette and quickset and was getting unexplained highs. I ended up switching to the sure-t sets and that solved my problems. So try a few if you don't get the results you want.

Ok. Thanks!! I will definitely keep everyone updated!!

I am certainly interested in your experience with the 530G and with the new, improved CGM; I'm looking to upgrade soon from my 522.  Some people have complained that the earlier Medtronic CGM left something to be desired and were unhappy with the results.

As to the blood in the cannula, I have never experienced that with a newly inserted set because I immediately do the "fixed prime"; I have experienced blood at infusion site in the cannula after it has been in place a day or two and may have become dislodged by activity - I change it out then because of rising BG tests apparently because I'm not getting my full-dose.

I used the Silhouettes until about a year ago and used to insert manually - then got the spring loaded injector which kinda hurt.  But I have since switched to the Mio's and they have an spring loaded inserted in each unit and they are very comfortable.

Got my 530G, but have just received a new 3 month supply of my old sensors and "they - not medtronic" won't take them back - so I will be using my 722 for another 3-4 months -

Unless someone wants them....

I really think the Mio's are great and easy to travel with and I have not had a single problem with them.

I also have a box or 2 of Silhouettes.. anyone?

I hate wasting stuff and I if you pay the shipping the cost is FREE.

Scott:  I know it is aggravating when you get something great and then can't use it until the "old" stuff is gone.  I, personally, have donated my extra supplies to my CDE's office.  They are very grateful for all help and I know it is being given to those who need it.  I know they have provided me in the past with infusion sets, etc. to try before having my doctor change my prescription.  This and with supplies from manufacturers helps provide other diabetics with items to help them adjust to either the beginning fears of diagnosis with this disease or help those of us old-timers who need to find something that works better for us when the old items become a mis-fit.  I know that we are all in a financial crunch trying to live with T1d, but this is another option for extra supplies you may no longer need.

Great Advice Marcie!


I'll give it a try.  My CDE is my endo's wife and they really are not receptive to donations.  In fact my endo gave me a script to the Contour (Bayer) and his nurse told me they had plenty of samples in the back .... and i had to go BUY one?  I am NOT wealthy.

I asked my endo for Lantus as I was going away and my Lantus had expired and in case my pump stopped working I wanted ONE - not a box of 5 -- he reluctantly gave me one.

Maybe I can see if there are some T1's in my area who need supplies...

I give my endo quite a lot of business as it is ...


That is so strange. Whenever I go to my endo office he gives me samples without me even asking! If ever you need something inbox me! :)

I'm really curious where you end up going. I've never heard a conclusion to someone that wanted to donate unused supplies. The closest I heard was someone posting on Craigslist, which always seemed  little sketchy to give something with such value away as a freebie.

I can donate any article of clothing, food, household items, but not diabetic supplies. Let us know Scott!

Donating supplies. There is a website insulin that would be delighted to take any diabetic supplies. Write to:

He regularly gives supplies to people who need them.