Infusion site falls off

My daughter has been on a medtronic paradigm veo for a few months now, along with the mio infusion set.  With this last batch of infusion sets, her site has been "falling" off, usually a day sooner than we are supposed to change it. It's like it loses all of the adhesive a day early, and we will literally find it hanging from the tube.  She usually wears it on her belly, but occasionally on her flank.  We have never had this problem before.  It was a bit of a rough day because it fell off during the night.  As a result, we have been battling high sugars and ketones today.  Both have settled down now, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen.  Is it possible to have a box of infusion sets that just aren't as sticky as usual? 

My daughter uses the quickset and has had no problems at all. Is she using the iv prep pads for cleaning prior to attaching the infusion set? These are much better than alcahol swabs for creating a site that the tape will stick to. As well, tegaderm works great as an additional tape for the site. Taping a bit of the tubing also helps keep from pulling when rolling over in the night ect... Hope this helps! If you are concerned about the infusion set quality, call medtronic and they may send you a replacement box. It may be that she is more comfortable and less aware of her pump now and is moving around alot more. Congrats on getting your veo. My daughter also has the veo and we love it!

Might just be the summer heat and activity causing the problem.

Definitely use the IV prep pads.  I usually wipe it on and let it dry, then I wipe the prep pad a second time on the skin and put the new infusion site in while the IV prep is still wet on the skin.  After the infusion site it in, smooth the edges to make sure it adheres.

If your daughter takes baths, you might put a waterproof bandage over the site to protect it from the warm water.  If an edge starts coming up on the set, use medical tape to keep it on.

If you do all these things and still have problems, you might call Minimed and report the problem.  They may have made a change in their design.  

Thanks for the tips. I will look for the IV prep pads. The mio is so tiny I don’t think I can tape it, but I will definitely try taping the tube so there is less pulling on the site itself. Does the waterproof bandage come off easily after so I can re-connect her pump?

Only use a waterproof bandage if your daughter is in the bath or swimming, when she'd be disconnected anyway.

When my daughter puts the tegaderm on she just cuts a small hole in it so that she can still connect and disconnect. It just gives the edges a bit of extra protection.


I'm glad I ran across your post my son is getting his first pump in a few weeks.  And when he had the demo one on he wore it on his arm and it seem to pull he thought so I like this idea of the tape for the tubing, because he is very active and then at night he is all over the bed tossing and turning.  Do you get this tegaderm at any pharmacy?  

Hi Jennifer,

I've always gotten my Tegaderm from Medtronic or Liberty (where I get my supplies from).  Also you could try IV 3000 it's made by Smith and Nephew and does the same thing.  I'm not sure which one is cheaper.

Thanks Sarah

Hi Jennifer

we use the IV 3000 with the SureT infusion set and have only ever had it fall off once in 2 years (after a ton of swimming). The nice thing about the SureT is that the site itself is not where you disconnect, so you can tape down the infusion set without impeding your ability to take it on and off. The downside of it is that you have to keep a needle in, which freaked us out at first but ends up not being that big a deal (according to our son).

good luck!


We are using the QuickSet and sometimes we can get it to stick 3 days and other times we are changing it everyday.  Between training and changing it so often we burned through our box of 10 sets pretty quick.  And if we can't keep them on now I don't know what we will do this summer.  So I contacted Medtronic and they sent me some replacements and some samples of different tapes.  From reading some info I got from Medtronic I think we will try to go with the IV3000 one for the Set specifically.  Because last week we had to change the site 3 days in row.  Right now my son would not be comfortable using the Sure T because of the needle staying in that is why we went with the QuickSet.  Do I need a prescription to get the IV3000 Quickset tape?  Does anyone know is it your insurance that dictates which company you can get your medical supplies from?  Because I really do not care for the company we are get ours from.  They are not a 24 hour business and they were suppose to send my sons box out last week and I have never got it.  And I tried calling there and had to leave a message for them to call me and let me know what the tracking # was so I could call UPS and see where it was and never heard from them.  Has anyone had any trouble from any of the places they get there stuff from?

we use the Sure-T, which was intimidating at first due to the needle staying in, but we found it to be much more reliable, particularly with our extremely active 9 year-old with T1. It's also nice that the part that infuses isn't directly connected to the pump, but with a bunny clip to another piece that you tape on. That way if the pump swings around it's not pulling directly on the needle, and if that piece falls of you can just tape it back on. We use the IV3000 tape and you don't need a prescription. You can get it from Amazon, although it's not cheap.

Good luck