Infusion Site (or CGM sensor) Placement? Yoga?

I'm brand new to pumping, and I'll be changing my site for the first time tomorrow.  The first site I chose, with the CDE was fine, except I felt like I had to be careful to keep the waist of skirts from riding up onto it while I sat.  Do any of you ever put it on your abdomen below the beltline?

I'm also supposed to be getting a Dexcom delivered like any minute now.  (It was supposed to be here already!  *pout*)  So, since I'll soon have two things stuck to my body that will help make exercising a little safer/easier, I'm wondering where good placement might be for them if I do yoga a lot.  When I was into exercising before diagnosis, that was one of my favorite activities.  I'm hoping I can get back into it now that I have tools that will help me catch dropping blood sugar before it gets bad.  One tip I've run across is to make sure I try to not lean over in the direction of the site while pressing the adhesive part down, so it doesn't come off too easily as a result of stretching in the other direction.  I'm wondering where may be a good spot without too much stretch in the first place?  I'm also guessing that I'll need some aditional adhesive of some sort since this forst infusion site got a little loose around the edges from barely more than a day of normal daily movement.  I have those clear IV dressing things that came with my pump or skin tac, the kind you cut a hole into for the plastic part to show through and that goes on with a paper "frame."  I'm wondering if skintac might now be a better option, though.  What's worked well for you?



these are all good for infusion and cgm sites.  i try to be in a neutral position for infusion site insertion, stretching doesn't typically upset a site for me, sweating can though.   For Yoga I avoid the directly-at-my-side areas because of floor work and stretching.  Since Yoga increases my insulin sensitivity by close to 100%, I remove my pump now for class, it's more comfy for me.


I find that trainers tend to be pretty textbook about where they put your first sensor...  haha.  Right in the middle of the abdomen. 

Yes, I do put infustion sites on my lower stomach, and also on my hips and thigh.  I also find that your upper stomach (like, right below your bra) is also a good place.  It doesn't ever get in the way there, for me.

As for CGM sensor placement, I prefer my lower back/lovehandle area.  But, that upper part of the stomach works well, too.  I've also worn one on my hip, too, and that seemed to work okay.

Hooray for new robot parts!  :)

[quote user="Kim"]

Yes, I do put infustion sites on my lower stomach, and also on my hips and thigh.  I also find that your upper stomach (like, right below your bra) is also a good place.  It doesn't ever get in the way there, for me.


No way... Can you really put a site there. Is the area more sensitive. Idk why I am so intrigued right now haha

Yep!  I was nervous to try it, but it works really well.  (I believe I got the idea from our fellow Juvenator, C.)  I actually forget I have it there most of the time.  Give a try sometime!  :)

I'm not sure if Kim and I are referring to the same area as "below the bra line", but I also sometimes place my sites just below my rib cage.  I agree that it's the one spot that always seems to be out of the way and sometimes I even have to feel around to remember which side I put it on!  Give it a try!

Just FYI, the dexcom is only FDA approved for the abdomen. As all of us on here can tell you, it works perfectly fine in other places. But, if you call them about a bad sensor and admit to not having it on your abdomen, they won't want to replace the sensor for free.

My yoga isn't anything too advanced, so I've been okay with the dexcom sensor sticking to my stomach or even my side w/o falling off. I just find a place that isn't right on a "bend" if that makes sense. (i.e., I turn to the side and find a place on my side that still looks flat) If it starts to peel, I put a little bit of fake eyelash glue under the tape. I've also tried it under and over the pants waist line. I don't have a pump, so no advice on that...

I found that bending backwards into camel or other similar poses is less comfortable when my set is in my stomach.  I'm always afraid it will fall out, although that's never happened and my stomach is pretty sensitive.

My best absorption is below my navel and all the way around to my sides. I stay two inches away from my navel, I don't think absorption of insulin would be good closer than that. I stay with my lower ab for about 6 weeks, keeping the sites about two inches apart. Then I switch to my upper legs while my ab heals for a few weeks.I rotate sites and use different body parts to avoid scar tissue. My upper ab has permanent scar tissue from 61 years of injections, before I started pumping. I did not know about scar tissue and site rotation back then, no doctor ever warned me.

I put my infusion in my hip / love handle region and it never bothers me when I do yoga. I have tried it in front in my stomach, but it gets annoying because I bend there a lot with the routines I practice.


Also, I am a bit confused by this "right below the bra line" site. Do you mean it literally, so your infusion in on your ribs, or just below them??? I would love to try a new infusion spot, but I want to make sure I have the right spot!

Haha, I've started a ruckus...

My infusion site is on my ribs.  I can fit about a finger's width between where the infusion adhesive ends, and the bottom of my bra.  I am on the "squishy" side, so this site might not work for those with less body fat.

haha a ruckus indeed. I may have to adjust a little, but I am going to give this a try! I get tired of it in my hip sometimes b/c I can't wear anything with a higher waist. :)

Yay for bravery!  :)  You'll have to let me know how it works for you.

If you have thickened skin around your abdomen/hips, I started putting sites on the back of my arm and they work great! Of course, this will require one handed insertion, or a dear friend who won't mind learning how to insert, but they were by the far the most hassle free sites I've used. And yes, I put sites WAY below the belt line and get GREAT absorption there!


Again, if you go outside of the sites designated as "acceptable", if you call support, they will tell you to remove the site. The sensor sites are more restrictive- they show only love handles/abdomen. Mine stay in my back/ upper behind and work just fine. As long as there's enough sub-q fat, you're fine. Don't push either the site or the sensor up against muscle- that can hurt if you're using a metal needle (like the Sure-T) or just won't read correctly (the sensor).


Good Luck!

I have a nice chunk of flab on my lower back above my butt.  You know, "love handles."  I would like to try my CGM there but how in the heck do I turn or bend to position the inserter there?  Now I know why you guys take Yoga classes.  Maybe it's my age, but that is really difficult to bend that way.

Thanks, this is all such useful information!

I can tell it's going to be a little trial-and-error in the first place.  I've done three infusion sites so far and one was an OK place that only pealed up a little, another was totally perfect, and the current one came almost completely off within less than half a day because my jean skirt bunched up right in that spot every time I sat down!

So I've been pumping for like 10 years and have never put my site anywhere other than my abdomen.  I need to try some of these other sites! 

Do you still end up with your pump in your pocket, or do you have a clip for your waistband or another gadget for keeping the pump somewhere?  I prefer having the pump in my pocket for ease of use, and I find that when it's on a clip on my waistband it gets bumped/caught too often. 

I used the front of my abdomen a lot for a couple years, but now I prefer to use my hip. I have a clip that I put on my front pocket. I used to clip it to my waistband or belt, but my shirts never fit right when I did that. I do run into stuff once in a while, but I find having my pump in my pocket to be a little annoying.

I have used the back of my upper arm as well, but it was a little more challenging to pull the inserter out with one hand, if you have someone who could help, it should work fine. I don't use my arms often though, only in the winter when I am wearing long sleeves, b/c I found I lean on door jams, and the tubing would get caught on them if I wore short sleeves.