Infusion Site Pain (Plus new med)

Hey y’all,

I’ve been using the Mio infusion sites for as long as I can remember. I recently had to switch my birth control, and started having a lot of trouble with pain at my infusion site, bruising, and lumps underneath the sites that would all stay for weeks after. I have since switched to a better medication, but have only experienced minimal relief from the pain, bruising, and lumps. They still hurt from day one, and one on my stomach is sensitive to touch and stinging a lot. I’ve noticed my Dexcom sites are sore now also. Anyone had this experience, with or without changing medications, or have any solutions?

Hi @agwheeler, I only get occasional pain from infusion sets. Sorry I hope you get more answers.

Hi @agwheeler. I’m just brainstorming here but I think I’ve heard people say it helps from time to time to switch from a 90 degree insertion to an angled one - or vice versa. Minimed has a steel needle set as well that may be an option if you’re having an allergic reaction to the cannula. It’s unfortunate to have to invest in a whole box to see if they work for you, but perhaps you know someone who’s willing to let you share; or your DNE or pump rep might have a couple of samples. Unfortunately there are no such alternatives with the CGMs.
Some people are allergic to the adhesive, and find a skin barrier helpful although you probably have to leave at least a tiny “bullseye” for the actual insertion.