Infusion site taping

Hi all! I am new to the site and new to supports groups. Have an 11 year son diagnosed last Sept and just started on the pump. Wasn’t happy with the Enlite sensors on the Medtronic pumps, but loved their overtape. I used this overtape for the infusion site when the patch started to come off. It has a center hole with tape around the edge like a photo frame. The hole can be stretched over the connection site where the tubing inserts, yet hold the edges of the catheter tape as it is about 1/4" larger. It holds on well- like Tegaderm tape. I wanted to pass along this tip and ask if others have any ingenious ideas for holding on the patch when sweaty little kids loosen them within a day? :slight_smile:

I also use those!! They work great for me even when I sweat so I personally don’t know what to say about that except to make sure there on well… Good luck with that!!