Infusion Site

Hi everyone,

I usually put my infusion site on my stomach but have noticed some awful scars that it is creating. Does anyone have any tips for other places on my body that I can put it that is comfortable and manageable? Thanks :)


these were in my infusion set book.  good luck

Just start trying different sites.  I was scared to at first, but would tell myself I could move it if it were too terrible.  I'm not a fan of arms but do them every once in a while.  Branching out to my upper thighs and upper rear end had given my stomach a chance to heal.

I never thought of the upper thigh, it might be less painful because I imagine the muscle in the thigh would make it hurt. Thank you guys, I am going to try a new site tomorrow when I change!

Even my thunder thighs have enough muscle that it can bend the canula.  Try your normal infusion set on your thighs but know you might have to try a different kind because of the muscle.  Also, I sometimes have to overbolus a little because of the muscle.  It's not a big deal.  

Good luck find new spots.