Infusion sites and CGM sensor placement

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Type1nation. My question is for those of you that have a CGM with your pump how do you rotate bit the infusion site and the sensor? I have tried putting my infusion sit on my back but it dosent feel comfortable there. I just want to make sure I give my body a chance to heal before another needle goes through the same spot again.

I will be posting this in the CGM group as well. Any suggestions y’all can give would be appreciated.


I keep sensor sites on my stomach and rotate my infusion sites among my thighs, buttocks, and just barely into the meaty part of my lower back. Takes me a couple months for infusion site to get back to where i began.

The sensor site doesn’t really need to be unused for nearly as long as an insulin site, because it does’t have the same kind of deleterious effects that insulin will over time.