Infusion Sites Not Sticking

I have recently been having an issue with my sites not sticking and falling off after a day or two of insertion. I make sure not to have any oils or lotion on the area before insertion, and even wipe it with alcohol and SkinTac to make sure it is clean and sticky. For some reason, though, the last couple weeks they all keep falling off. We are possible going to try covering the site with tegaderm and hope that it helps maintain the sites, but we have not gotten any yet. Please share any methods that you use to make sure that sites do not come loose too soon.

one word. Tegaderm.

I used Skintac for years with good results but a year or so ago had problems with sites falling off. So I stopped using the Skintac and just started letting the alcohol dry thoroughly and applying to the skin and it’s worked well.

Experiment and see what works for you.

Deodorant around the area where you apply the SkinTac helps keep sweat/moisture away, also.