Injectable versus topical steroids

When I saw my orthopedist on Friday, I was sure he said he was prescribing a topical glucocorticosteroid for my ankle tendonitis to be applied at physical therapy (I’ve been doing physical therapy since December with very little progress so hoping this will “jumpstart” some progress). I even double-checked and asked “will it raise my bloodsugar? I am diabetic,” and he said "No."
I got a call from the pharmacy today saying my injectable steroid is not going to be ready until tomorrow. I had to ask them if they were sure that was what was prescribed and they said it was a vial, which has to be injected. So now I’m freaking out that I won’t be able to use this medication (administered by a physical therapist) and if I do I’ll have some crazy high BG’s.
I was on an oral steroid a few years ago for tendonitis in my wrist (I couldn’t move it, it was so bad) and my primary care physician said “just increase your insulin.” I was in the 300-400 range the whole week I was on it, no matter what I did, even with the tapering dose.

What sort of experience do other people have with (glucocortico- or cortico-) steroids for inflammation?


Just from personal experience steroids have raised my blood sugars after injection as well. I would up my pump basal by 50% and it would get a little better but still in the 200’s. I’m not sure about topical though. I never really used it, only injections.

I just think there is no way around it.

@Gina, Thanks for the response. Do you remember how long the effects lasted? I do have the option of saying I don’t want to use it and just continuing with my physical therapy routine. I’ll talk to the therapist and my endo. I just hope I don’t have to pay too high a co-pay for it.


I lasted more than a week I believe.

Steroids inhibit insulin sensitivity.

With injected steroids I’d have slightly higher blood sugars that would hover in the 200’s even with increased insulin.

Oral steroids have a drastic effect on me and I won’t use them unless it’s for something life threatening. The last time I doubled my insulin but no matter how high I went my blood sugar wouldn’t go below 300. I won’t take steroids again unless it’s for something life threatening.

I had really bad tendonitis in my wrist a few months back and when i went to the doctor about it he told me that i couldnt have steroids since i was a T1D so all they did for me was wrap it in a splint and gave me pain pills.