Injection while pumping?

I realize I should ask my pump lady about this.....

When my blood sugar is high the pump suggests an injection of insulin. Why can't I just bolus?



You can try to just bolus, but keep in mind that if there is a connection problem with the pump. or the infusion site is bad, then you will still have to inject.  However, you can certainly start with the bolus, and then just make sure that you perform a finger stick about an hour later to make sure it is taking effect.  If that is working then you are fine.  It can all be handled with the pump.  The injection would be your fool proof back-up. 

i believe the thinking behind suggesting an injection is that if your blood sugar is high it might be due to a problem with the pump or the infusion set and by taking an injection, you can address the immediate issue of bringing down your blood sugar first and then figure out what went wrong.  also, i've found that injecting deep into my shoulder muscle will bring down a high (250+) much faster than a correction bolus with my pump does. i posted this link once before but it's worth doing again:


Ouch! I'd be afraid to inject into muscle. Is it hard to do? Does it hurt?

I usually start with attempting to bolus (I'll give it a couple blood tests & boluses to come down), if it doesn't come down or has gone up, I figure it's a pump problem and then I'll change the site. If my BG is under 400, I'll bolus with the new site, but if it's over 400, I go ahead and do a major injection (heavy dose of insulin) to bring it down quickly.

For a "surprise high" I always bolus, check BG in 1 and 1.5 hours. I'f the bolus has no effect on lowering BG, I inject, no questions asked.

Then I change my site, prime the site and wait 1.5 hours to make sure all is headed in the right direction.

i've only done it a few times and, like i said, i'll inject into my shoulder.  the first time i tried it i thought it would hurt, but surprisingly it didn't hurt at all... my flu shot hurt a lot more.

I've had to inject everyday since I've gotten the pump :o( My pump lady thinks the company gave me an infusion set that is too long (but not long enough to go into the muscle) so the cannula is bending and not delivering the insulin properly.

I had some issues with the Quickset bending and kinking so I switched to the Silhouette about 15 months ago and I haven't had  a "no delivery" alarm since.