Inpen less effective?

Hi all—

I just started the Inpen which is super cool BUT I have noticed it doesn’t seem as effective as my regular injections. I will take my normal am dose and it literally doesn’t nothing… and I’m taking my usual 6-7 units. I will then dose on top of that another 2-4 and it does nothing. I don’t understand what the problem is. Any similar situations with this? Thanks-

Hi @Mlp1124 inpen has a couple “make sure to” in the instructions. One is to ensure the cartridge is compatible, next make sure they dispensed the insulin you are most used to, then there is language to suggest if the cartridge isn’t inserted right it might not dose correctly. Lastly is prime.

Did you do everything?did they swap insulin on you? If your tech malfunctions it’s always good to get a shot in you by syringe. Also I think you can just “airshot” a small dose (press the button while watching the needle) if insulin comes out you can cross that off

Also and most unlikely, insulin goes bad if frozen or in sunlight or if left in a hot place. When in doubt get some different (vial, cartridge, whatever) insulin in you.

Hope you figure it out! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: