Anyone use the bluetooth smart pen called Inpen. Has the same advantages as using a pump but for MDI. Was thinking about trying it with humalog cartridges. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you

Wow, thanks for posting @marinekeeper Joseph. I hadn’t heard of this and WILL be doing some more research. I’ve been using a pump for 13 years, and know I have scar tissue to deal with, and this may be the alternative I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

Hi Joseph @marinekeeper, in May of this year I met with the territory manager of companion Medical, maker of the “InPen” to review and assess the features. It is a good device [IMO], but it does not offer the benefits of a pump.

Don’t get me wrong, it IS an awesome tool for what it offers - and has many, and many more, of the features suggested by an advisory panel of pen users on which I served 25 years ago. Some of the best features I see are the logs and graphs to help the user effectively manage diabetes, the alerts, the anti-stacking feature, and of course better dose calculation accuracy. For more information, visit :

Guess i should have said it has some of the advantages of using a pump.

@marinekeeper Joseph, I didn’t mean to quash your suggestion, I think you are providing a good and useful suggestion for members. One of the reasons for us being here is to “spread the news”, share with everyone what works. Every bit helps.

If I were to stop using pumps, right now my first choice for injecting insulin would be the “InPen”. One of the other features is the finest / thinnest needle made.