Insight Requested for Research at Georgia Tech

Hello, we are a group of industrial design undergraduate students at Georgia Tech, and we are currently working on a project for children (ages 10-14) with Type 1 Diabetes. There is a lack of products that address the rapid growth of these children, as well as account for childhood milestones (such as puberty and social consciousness). We are interested in creating a product for school-aged children with Type 1 Diabetes to assist in self-care and address these gaps.

If you would be willing to provide insight as a child (ages 10-14) with Type 1 Diabetes, a parent of a child (ages 10-14) with Type 1 Diabetes, or a school nurse with children (ages 10-14) with Type 1 Diabetes under their care, (through brief prototype testing, short surveys, or a virtual call regarding your experience), please reach out to us at Your insight would be much appreciated; thank you!

@zhardnett See email. For the T1N, this request is ambiguous and has failed to even look at professional literature as there are about 5 AID devices in use around the planet in various stages of approval and use.

Is your quest a pump & CGM combo? An education package? A psychological support system? A finger prick blood test to illuminate hormone status (HGH, puberty, etc)?

There is a group looking at this from a regulatory standpoint including the rapid changes seen in the age group and keeping §504 plans both current & flexible enough to deal with the on-off facets of growth and reproductive hormone rages.

Since about 20% of the target population hours are spent in school, the §504 area should be inspected.

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There are summer camps for kids with diabetes - they might be a resource for you.

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