Insomnia, anyone?

I have had Type 1 for nearly 28 years (I am 30), and I've always had trouble sleeping!  

I am doing a study to see if I'm the only one...and I am offering a cash prize draw for people who complete my questionnaire.

Three chances to win, £50, £25, and £25 (if you're in the USA, that's about $75, $37.50, and $37.50!)

So whaddoya say?  Help this girl get her MSc and help lots of people with Type 1 get better sleep at the same time!

And maybe win some money while you're at it!

Here is the link: SE/?SID=SV_efBedEYI7lMjAk4


If you have any questions, please email me:

University of the West of England, Bristol