Inspiration for the overwhelmed

Hi there. I am new to this site and just need a little encouragement. I am the only one in my family that has diabetes or celiac. i've lived with it just fine, but it does get hard at times and I feel like no one really understands what I am going through. Sometimes I wish I could just take a day off. I have to remind myself that things happen for a reason and all of my struggles have made me stronger. What are your inspirations? What keeps you going and taking good care of yourself?

Hi --I hope you have been inspired since you wrote this--I feel for you--My son was dx with type 1 diabetes in June and celiac in Oct and I feel helpless trying to inspire him at times--I feel the frustration and the exhaustion of having to deal with this 24/7 but through the eyes of a mom --I am grateful that its not worse--that these diseases we can deal with--and I try to make yummy foods he will like, and to not focus so much on the food--however this is HARD!  Exercise helps me tremendously with stress and yoga does wonders--also Betty Crocker came out with a whole line of gluten-free goodies and the brownies are amazing--we brought them to a super bowl party and everyone loved them--which is important to my son--he hates being different and wants to share if he likes something--especially if its gluten-free--you will find stuff that makes it easier--some days will be better than others--just know that at least you know how to take care of yourself--at least you know what could make you sick and how to stay away from it--hang in thre--Im trying to too

Hi!  I've had diabetes for 9 years and was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year.  At first it was very annoying and I felt very limited, but by doing some research I started to realized that it was not impossible to eat delicious foods.  Plenty of mainstream brands have gluten free items -- Chex, Betty Crocker, Tostitos, etc.  Many local grocery stores carry GF products and restaurants have started featuring gluten free menus. 

I try to remind myself, that this is just another way to keep myself healthy


My 8 yr. old son was diagnosed with T1 and Hypothyroidism in 03  (age 2)  and was diagnosed with Celiac in Dec.  Hard.  We all went Gluten Free.  Being so new to this we still need to work out some kinks.  I found an excellent blog by the name of " Gluten Free Steve".  At this site I discovered the Triumph Dining web site which has these beyond helpful books.  Gluten-free shopping Guide,  Gluten-Free Dining Guide and the Dining Cards which you present to chefs/cooks when you decide to dine out.  His blog has lots of helpful information so please visit.  I discovered it by accident when I googled to see if Smuckers jelly is GF in tears.  Also Facebook is a good place to check out reviews on which GF brands and whatnot taste good and general information about Celiac.  I stay calm with my son and REALLY listen to his likes/dislikes with this food so HE is in control of this.  I feel I don't I will bring on anxiety and really compound this situation when all I need is creativity and patience.  Hope this helps.  BTW I was told to keep a strict food log for at least a couple weeks because insulin will need to be adjusted.