Inspirational "10 Years" poem

 10 Years


10 years,

120 months,

Living with,

Coping with,

Surviving with-




day in and day out,

with no days off

or vacations.


Despite the ups and downs

of the endless roller coaster ride,

the love & support of close family & friends

helps keep you going

when it seems like all your hard work is for nothing

and diabetes is starting to get the best of you.


Hearts are filled with gratitude

for all the love & support

from close family & friends in our lives who have-

accepted us for who we are

and dealt w/ whatever we may face;

They have shared the "roller coaster ride" with us.

Nothing can break these special bonds apart.


10 years,

120 months,

Living each day to the fullest,

Coping with a positive attitude

& positive people,

Surviving with a smile,

Oh, and diabetes?

Diabetes is just a small part of my life;

There's so much more to it than that.

Thank you so much for writing this, on Thanksgiving it will be 10 yrs for me too..

Simply Beautiful!

Thank you for sharing