anyone know how long this stuff lasts? i thought we threw out all the instant glucose stuff we had with my supplies during one of our movies, but i just found this shoved into one of the boxes that holds one of my back-up bloodtesters haha.

i won't be using it, just wondering if this stuff ever goes bad? it's definately been kept with my supplies as long as the other ones which is probably around 12 years if not since day one of being diagnosed 15years ago! lol

look at the bottom of the tube on the flat is the exp date on one side and the lot on the other sometimesit is hard to read white on white and small

i'll have to take a look thanks! i didn't see an expiry date anywhere so i wasn't sure if there was one, but i just quickly glanced.

The U.S. requires an expiration date on  almost everything, don't know about Canada.  Sugary  stuff like honey, jam, jelly, etc. uses the sugar as a preservative somehow so it might be edible after all these years.

rofl found the expiry:




well...i'm over 10years too late to ever use this..haha

I can not say it as an emt but in some places and the armed services they use old meds.  armed services test some of the med if good they use the lot I have been told  of iv n/s 10 years old. So if you need it and it is a little out of date use it if replace it.

i have no real intention of ever using it. i was just wondering how long the things last.