Instructors talk about type 1

Okay, so this happened this past Thursday night in class, but I'm still a little annoyed by this...I'm currently going to school to get my Paramedic degree, and Thursday night's lecture was, "Diabetic emergencies"..Oooh boy, I always love these lectures--not...Know one in my class knows i'm a diabetic, because that's something I choose to keep to myself in certain situations...But the instructor was talking about type 1 and hows its genetic and bla bla bla...Then this guy raises his hand and was like, you forgot another reason they get type 1...From eating wayyyy to much food, and drinking soooo much soda, and stuffing their face with sugar!!! Wow, I hate when people make that assumption, but the tone of this guys voice was like we did this to ourselves, we CHOOSE to have this illness!! I was about to speak up, then another student asked about an insulin pump. My instructor said its a device that gives type 1s insulin 24/7, you change it out every few weeks (I was like every few WEEKS, really??) Then he said if you get called to a patients house and they have an insulin pump, you better get them to the e.r. FAST because the pump means they are a very BAD diabetic, not in control once so every, and kept going on and on!! OMG, I wanted to scream!! This guy claims hes a paramedic/firefighter/instructor, and says how out of control and dangerous type 1s are if they are on an insulin pump!?!?
I had to work my butt off to get an insulin pump about 10 years ago!! My endo wouldnt let me start using one until I got my diabetes under more control!! I'm doing so much better since being on the pump!!!

Sorry guys, I just found that to be completely annoying and for some reason, it's still bothering me...So I had to vent, lol!!

well lets I'm a NREMT-B all I need is to go and take national registry to get my NREMT-P.  Not all instructors are good in all areas next  is this with acadian and NEMSA if so i can get him corrected.  Also a patients on a insulin pump, is a bad if you can't get the pump off  because as you and D-50 the pump could just lower the cbg and you could be going nowhere so  you better get them to the e.r. FAST now if turn the pump off are just get it to stop pumping you are good.   Next the is not what the instructor teaches but what the students bring to the class.  When I was with aasi as an NREMT-B the Paramedic would ask me about diabetic patients.  I do not know if your is a national registry state but if  it is not I would say get it anyway. 

at times like that, i tell them i have type 1 diabetes and point out EVERY piece of information they have given that is wrong and then explain the different types of diabetes. I would never avoid telling people i was diabetic, just because i didn't want other people to know, when they are giving the wrong information in a course like that. if a student cuts me off, I speak LOUDLY to get their attention.

usually, in my experience, the teacher is really grateful I have spoken up. In my first aid classes for work(we have to renew every 2years), one of my co-workers who does know, usually points out i have diabetes or something when the medic starts talking, and then they ask me to teach the class what to do. they usually go "oh and you can do this and this as well" or whatever but otherwise let me explain it.

Ted- Yes, I see your point about it being bad if you are treating a pt. with a pump who has a low blood sugar and not being able to shut it off..But that's not what he was talking about..He just meant if you get a pt. with an insulin pump they are not in control of their disease at all!

I have my moments where I do speak up, and address my point very clearly..But sometimes I just get in the mindset of just thinking, okay, whatever. I've had way to many people judge me when I was younger for my diabetes, and sadly, it has affected me. I was kicked out of middle school for having diabetes, because they didnt want to "deal with it or learn how to take care of me/use an insulin pump." Really plays an emotionally part sometimes when it comes to opening up, yah know?

It may be time to go to a council and deal with that problem then. I'm sorry if this comes off as harsh...but by sitting there and not correcting someone who is wrongly educating others makes you no better than the people who automatically assume having T1 means you have "the bad diabetes" or you got it from eating too much candy.

By not doing so you are being part of the problem, not being part of the solution.

Thats true, and I do see what your saying. But this is also MY disease, and I choose if I want 40 STRANGERS to know about it or not. Plain and simple

Thats true, and I do see what your saying. But this is also MY disease, and I choose if I want 40 STRANGERS to know about it or not. Plain and simple

something to try is to talk to the medical director (normaly a er doc) all classes need one to correct the the instructor all we need is a bunch of paragods out on the streets with the wrong info about IDDM


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Thats true, and I do see what your saying. But this is also MY disease, and I choose if I want 40 STRANGERS to know about it or not. Plain and simple


simple solution: you say one of your parents or your sibling has D (like they will ever met them, so who cares). personally, i don't give a shit; I don't go around talking about my D to strangers..but when it comes to people who are suppose to be MEDICALLY treating someone with D..they need to know the facts whether you admit you have it or you say someone in your immediate family does.