My son’s omnipod 5 has quit communicating with his dexcom. The dexcom has changed, the pods have changed, no luck. The transmitter still has a couple of months left of life. I call Insulet and am on hold for hours, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to wait 3-4 hours on hold. There is the option to leave a message, I receive no calls back. I fill out the online form, receive no communication. Is this a problem others are experiencing? Is there another way to communicate with Insulet?

I recently started on Omnipod 5 and have had to call a few times. Thankfully the calls were important but not urgent - I needed to replace a couple of pods, and my controller battery was draining faster than it should. I too found the process frustratingly long - the have anticipated wait times between 10-20 minutes, but I was on hold for about an hour each time! I have to say Tandem’s and Dexcom’s wait times were much better, at least for me.