Insulin and busy scheds?

I'm having a hard time making room to take insulin and eat lunch in between my classes. Does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions on how I can make it easier? Thanks :)

Hi Cheyanne,

My only suggestion would be if you could take your insulin in between classes, in the bathroom if you don't wanna do it in front of other people or just at your desk, and then just eat your lunch in your next class. The only other option would be to go on the pump so you could easily and discretely give yourself insulin in class and then eat your lunch.


thank you. ive been considering a pump a lot lately and think that it will fit into my schedule very well. thank you :)

You're welcome! I've been on the Animas Ping now for a year and a half and I like it a lot. The meter-remote is really convenient and allows me to bolus right from the meter, so its very easy and discrete in class. Good luck picking out the right one for you =)

I have the same issue! Sometimes college just gets too crazy, and lots of people don't realize that you may need some time to take care of yourself!

I recently went on an insulin pump (minimed) and it makes everything a whole lot easier. If you're thinking about doing that, I would really recommend it. But no matter what, remember that YOU are in control of your own diabetes. College is a really tricky time to take care of it, but you can do it!!

Pumps are WONDERFUL.  The other day I got up late and didn't have time for breakfast.  Raced son to school and me to work and had a crazy day.  About 3pm I felt kind of hungry and realized I'd missed lunch.  Tested and my blood sugar was almost exactly what it had been first thing in the morning!  It's great to not have to be tied to shots or to food.

I was diagnosed during my second year in college and was on the pen for about 5 months. Your health comes first, if you need to skip class or get up and leave to take care of yourself, give yourself insulin, or get something to eat that's more important than anything you are doing in class. Believe me, I know how important it is going to class and paying attention but if you're not taking care of your blood sugar it doesn't matter if you're paying attention or not.

Your teachers should also know that you are diabetic and let them know that you may occasionally have to step out of the classroom, if they are not understanding of your medical condition most schools have a disabilities service office that will assist you in talking to your teachers.

pumps are great if you're really busy!

im on the mini-med revel (i also use the cgm) and i love it because you can program it to alert you at certain times of day so you don't forget to bolus for that sandwich you grabbed in between classes or that cup of coffee you need every day to get you through till bedtime. it really is helpful.

i was diagnosed at 14 and did shots for years. my Endo wouldn't put me on the pump because he didn't trust me to use it right. he was very "crawl before you walk" kinda guy.

however, we moved states and i had to find a new doctor. (i went through several, one even tried to "rediagnose" me as type 2) after my type 2 "adventure" my A1C was at an 11. My new dr immediately put me on the pump and 3 months later i was a 7.3.

make sure ALL your professors know you're diabetic. they aren't going to care if you're a few minutes late because you were taking a shot that literally keeps you alive, and if they do you should let the dean know.

the pump was great for me because i finally got to do "normal" things. my parents are a lot more comfortable with me being independent with the pump then they were with shots.

once i got the pump i finally got to go to prom, drive, get my first job, etc. even know it's great to be able to go to parties and "graze" since my pump has a "square wave" feature or drink a glass of champagne with my family at holiday toasts and i feel better prepared for everyday life. afterall, you can't plan every single bit of food you're going to eat every day for the rest of your life, and the pump gives me that extra room i need to be more spontaneous.

pumps aren't for everyone, and they do have cons, but to me they are greatly outweighed by freedom my pump gives me. shots are totally do-able but you're just going to have to be more open with your teachers, realistic with your schedule, and vigilant with your planning.

let us know how it goes!