Insulin and hair loss?

A while ago I read somewhere (can't remember where at the moment...) that taking insulin can cause hair loss.  Is this true?  I'm asking because I feel like my hair is getting thinner.  I have always had thin hair, but it seems to have gotten thinner throughout the years.  I am only 30, though, so it's not like this is age related.  Today, for example, I put my hair half up (top half in a ponytail, the rest down).  When I looked at the back of my head in the mirror, I saw a bald spot that I had to brush hair over to cover.  I guess it could be my imagination, my hair has always been really thin, and it looks worse to me than it actually is....but it's causing me some angst.  I don't want to go bald on top of everything else!

I haven't experienced anything like this. My sister has been on insulin now since she was 5 (she's 23) and we both have full heads of hair.

If we can use insulin to get rid of back/shoulder hair, I'd be much appreciative though

I'm not aware of any effect either. i've been on insulin since i was 6 and have fine hair, but thin hair runs in the family. 

I would look at other family members (even grandparents and cousins) and see what the hair pattern is. i don't think thinning of the hair or even bald spots are that uncommon at 30, especially for those of us who already have really fine hair.

I would blame family genes before insulin. a family friend, whose not even 30 yet, had a full head of gray hair by the time he was 19!

I've used insulin for 30+ years and have thicker hair than anyone in my family.  Hair loss is a symptom of thyroid problems, so you might rule that out.  If you've had a baby recently that causes hair loss (plus loss of sleep and sanity, but that's a whole other topic).

=) nope never heard of insulin causing hair loss.  T1 and hypothyroid is common, though, and hypothyroid can sometimes affect hair loss.   it's a routine test, I get my thyroid tested when I do my a1c. 

I've heard of very high a1c's being associated with hair loss that resolves itself with insulin / tighter control.

As well as getting your thyroid tested, there's also a Mom on here whose son has T1 and an auto-immune alopecia (hair loss). I'd check with the endo about your symptoms...

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.  I'll talk to my endo about it when I see him in January, and get him to test my thyroid, etc.  My blood sugars have been far from perfect, but my last a1c was around 6.8, so not terrible... 

my hair is also relatively thin but lately it had been coming out in clumps.  my doctor told me to start taking biotin (a b vitamin) which supports hair, skin and nails.  it also assits in protein and fat metabolism and the intermediate metabolism of carbohydrates (which is wonderful for helping to keep my blood sugars in target range).

Brianna, that sounds like a great a1c!

Courtney, I take biotin too (available over the counter) for an auto-immune skin disease I have (along w/ rx drugs), but I haven't found it helpful. How much to you take?

My hair seems to come out much more easily when I am having a bout of uncontrolled highs.  Especially in the showe, it seems to come out in clumps.  I read somewhere YEARS ago that hair loss was associated with elevated BG's.  I assumed that if hair loss was an effect of HIGH bg's it would follow that it was from not enough insulin.  After all, can you say weight loss happens as an effect of high bg's or of low insulin levels (keytoacidosis)?

I meant shower, guess I should spell check!

Maybe this is why I have lost all the hair on the top of my scalp? I would ratherlike to think it is an age thing.