Insulin and lunch

Hi everyone,

I just injected before my meal.
I moved my body and the pen came out one second after I injected. I saw insulin at the site and on the pen. I know not all went in. I am going to eat carbs tho not as much as planned. When should I check my blood and what to do if high? And what number is considered high ?

hi @HopeFloats2020 wow you needed info about 2 hours ago.

right about now is considered “2 hours post prandial”, so check your blood sugar, now, and compare it to your blood sugar right before lunch.

if you are now about 50 mg/dl higher than your before lunch number, you are right on track, don’t do anything.

if you are 100+ mg/dl more than your pre lunch number, it is a clue you may need more insulin. How much you take is a matter of IOB and your correction ratio. at +4 hours (2 hours from now) you can just correct for any number you are… so if you are 50 units higher than your high target, you can correct for that number at +4 hours.

hope this helps


Thanks, Joe. I did just that; checked at the 2-hour mark with under 50mg/dl increase. I will check before my next meal and STAY STILL while I’m injecting!

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