Insulin and meal

Hi community…

Today at lunch, BS was 112. Took 3 units and ate 46 g carbs. 50 minutes post meal my BS is down…to 111.

At breakfast (I took 5 units for 75 g carbs) 3.5 hrs. post meal, I felt weird. Sure enough, my BS was 91.

Is my ratio changing??

Hi @HopeFloats2020 you have to tell us, for example, what was your bs at 3.5 hours after that lunch? See for most people, meal insulin works for 4 hours. I ignore any bs between eating and 2 hours unless I’m low. Then at 4 hours, ideally, your blood sugar returns to a good range.

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Today’s numbers
Waking number 129
10 units of Lantus
Mealtime 20 minutes later was 112
Took 5 units for 75 g carbs
1 hour post meal 200
2.5 hours later ( in total, 3.5 hours after first bite), 91
I took 1/2 cup o.j. cuz I felt shaky
1 hour 50 mins later, 112 pre lunch
20 mins post lunch, 111

@HopeFloats2020 I know it may feel weird. But those numbers are perfect. I’d watch the next 2 hours in case your insulin gets ahead of your lunch carbs.


It is very weird @joe
Shouldn’t post meal numbers be high? Higher?

And 50 mins post the 111 reading just above, I am at 107 ( 90 mins total post lunch)

I am petrified of hypo!

@HopeFloats2020 if you are making zero insulin, yes at 2 hours after starting a meal yes you should be at (about) 50 mg/dl higher than an in-range starting blood sugar. Not 20 minutes, not 1 hour. I get it when you first start getting normal blood sugars they feel low. That part goes away eventually.


And I want to add. That’s a lot of “ifs”. All rules of thumb will be different if you have some functionality in your beta cells and liver.


Cathy @HopeFloats2020 , as @Joe said, the BG numbers you are getting look good - where they should be, BUT …

What caught my eye [two things]:

  • You felt “shaky” at 91 probably because your BGL was dropping too quickly;
  • You took about 26 grams of carbohydrate [1/2 cup of OJ] without insulin had you up ONLY 11 mg/dl 2 hours later. I’m guessing that your breakfast 1:15 carb ratio is too high; for a few days, try a lower ratio of 1:18 which would be giving you just a little over 4 units for the same breakfast. Watch you two hour post meal rise for a couple of days and then tweak some more, if necessary. I learn most about my meal bolus ratios by looking at the difference between before meal and post meal.

@Dennis right! That’s what caught my eye, too!
Ok, I will tweak. Thanks.

Could it be I put insulin in muscle and not fat at lunch ?

@Dennis and by post meal, two hours?
And it should be about 50 ml higher than premeal?

Cathy @HopeFloats2020 with my continuous monitor I read my BGL for all 5 minute intervals. I used the “two hour” suggestion because that is often the time when my BG will peak following a meal. After that, it steadily decreases.

The 50 ng higher “post meal” is used by some people to be the ideal four hours after beginning a meal. For me, I aim for my pre-meal target of 110 for all meals which commonly are separated by no more than 5 hours - so, the 50 at 4 hours would be too high for me.

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Long story short, there are about 200 factors that can affect your BG levels. Food and insulin are 2 of them. You can have the exact same food, take the exact same amount of insulin 2 days in a row, and have different results. That is just a crappy thing about this disease. Bottom line, it sounds like you are doing great.


Ugh! How is my 4.25 hour post breakfast be 84?
A couple of minutes later, 91??

According to which (meter or CGM)?

Oh and I cannot use Clarity for reports. My phone is not compatible AND and I don’t have a computer. Looks l will have to get a laptop. Any suggestions on a low-priced one for basic use?

CGM “lags reality” (when your BS is changing, that is rising or falling, the CGM picks up the change 5-20 minutes later… depending…) so it’s possible it may take time for your physical blood sugar to be detected by the CGM.

Laptops? I kinda like surface pro, chromebooks are going to be the “lowest cost” at upper $260-$290 you will need USB support on whatever hardware you buy

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Thanks, @joe
USB support meaning it has to have a UBS port for connection to DG6 reader? Don’t all laptops have them??

@HopeFloats2020 folks would say their Ipad is their laptop so then I would say “No” but if you go ang get a chromebook they all come with USB ports and you download the CGM receiver via that USB connection.

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They should. I have a MacBook which doesn’t use a standard USB port so it has an adapter. I plug a USB cable into that adapter and everything works just fine. However I think most laptops have USB plugs and desktops do too.
If you use your phone as your receiver you may not need to sync via USB. I myself use an app called T:Connect which syncs my pump to my phone via Bluetooth, which in turn keeps my record updated.