Insulin/Carb Ratios After Honeymoon

Our son is still in his honeymoon phase, and we currently use three different insulin/carb ratios depending on the meal (four injections of Humalog per day; Lantus 1x/day).  In my D class, our son was one of only two kids using different insulin/carb ratios throughout the day, even though most were diagnosed within the past couple of months. 

So I was wondering how common it is for a person to have multiple insulin/carb ratios, or if this is mostly a honeymoon thing?  Is it likely he'll settle into one ratio after his honeymoon, or is this just indicative of how his body uses insulin and carbs?



Im still in my honeymoon phase and I use Humalog and lantus also. I found that my number going into lunch was always high so I have a different ratio for breakfast now.  Lunch and dinner I use the same ratio.  I was told that it would probably change over time but not necessarily change to one endo said that a persons ratio can change all the time and that is why a pump is useful. You can set your basal to different amounts for different times of the day apposed to Lantus being spread out evenly for 24 hours. (I have an appointment with an Omnipod rep on Tuesday!!)


I think it is common to have a different ratio for breakfast than the rest of the day, but not so much having 4 different ratios. However, if that works best for him than stick with it. Over time you will mostlikely have to change the ratios and possibly they will even out to all be the same or at least closer to. It's really just a game of trial and error to get to which ratios get the best outcomes for him.

Yes, it is somewhat common. Its not only a honeymoon thing either. Our bodies need different amounts of insulin at different times, and if he ever goes on the pump, you'll learn more about something called basal rates (its basically like your lantis) that also vary throughout the day.

Like you're son, I am also on different ratios throughout the day. I take 1 unit per 10 grams for breakfast, 1 per 8 grams until 7 pm and then 1 per 10 after that. As he leaves his honeymoon period and just grows up in general, his insulin dosages may change many times.

My son 7 is still on his honeymoon stage and it has been 16 months since diagnosis. We recently switched to a pump but the entire time he was on shots, his insulin/carb ratios varies mostly every 3 months. He started with 1:40 then 1:25 breakfast and 1:30 lunch and dinner are his ratios right now.   This ratios I believe will vary depending on how his body utilizes insulin per daily activity.  I myself change his +/- ratios specially at times when he's more or less active than usual. In his case though, after breakfast is when he gets higher bg's. In time, you will be able to juggle between his numbers and instantly would know how to adjust doses and insulin/carb ratios. Good luck!

Knicko's mom

it also helps if you write down all the numbers, how much food, how much insulin etc.

it makes it easier to adjust the insulin levels because you know what to adjust

if his numbers while not eating for a while seem to rise, more lantis is needed (and vise-versa)

if his numbers are good until he eats, then you'll need to adjust his short acting insulin.


hope this helps some :D