Insulin Companies Make More Money Off Type 2's Than Type 1's

27% of type 2 diabetics use insulin. Here is the link that makes that statement. It is based on data from the year 2004.

There are approximately 24 million diabetics in the US, based on 2007 data. About 10% of them are type 1, and 90% are type 2. So there were 2,400,000 type 1's and 21,600,000 type 2's in 2007. Since 27% of the type 2's use insulin, and 100% of the type 1's use insulin, there were 2,400,000 type 1's using insulin, and 5,832,000 type 2's using insulin. So there are 3,432,000 more type 2 insulin users than type 1 insulin users. The insulin companies make a lot more money off type 2's than type 1's.