Insulin expiration date question

Hello! Quick question. I’ve received some conflicting feedback from the pharmacy that I got my novolog through.

Cvs printed on their label that my novo log was filled in July 2021 with an expiration of September 2021. The actual vial itself says expiration of August 2023. It’s been kept cold the entire time.

Any reason to not try using the insulin? I’d hate to throw it out knowing it’s likely good, but not sure what the right thing to do is or why cvs would put such a short window on it.

So long as the insulin doesn’t look cloudy or have sediment in it* I personally would go by the date on the vial since it was generated at production.
I don’t know how pharmacies do their labels but it sounds like they enter the expiration dates manually(???) in which case somebody was careless. I find it highly unlikely that insulin set to expire in September, would have been left in their stock until July.
If they hand you something like that again you could refuse it and request another, but once you’ve got it home and opened you’re usually stuck with it.

  • Side note for those who are not familiar with insulin types - that recommendation is for humalog (and novolog), which should look clear. Some insulins are suspensions and are supposed to look cloudy until they are mixed. If in doubt check the patient info or ask your pharmacist. FWIW in my nearly 60 years on insulin I’ve only ever gotten one bottle of “clear” insulin (humalog) that was cloudy. Thankfully the pharmacist replaced it.
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@Tee25 The date, permanently printed directly on the vial, is the expiration date for the insulin in the vial.

Scripts expire differently. All scripts expire 1 calendar year from the original date, unless earlier written on the script.

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Thank you both! I’ll use it and see what happens :slight_smile:

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Definitely a good reminder to check at the pharmacy and not when putting it in the fridge

If you’re willing to share, How did it work? The only bottles I’ve ever had that absolutely didn’t work were left in my car during the summer heat. Dates haven’t seemed to matter much, if at all.

Worked well! I had one site that was sort of iffy, but I think it was more pump placement than an insulin probably. Once I changed out my pump, my sugars were good to go again.

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