Insulin in Warm (or Cold) Weather

I was wondering what pump users generally do in the summer on especially hot days to avoid heating up their insulin too much and reducing its potency. I can't remember what the temperature cut-off is, but I'm pretty sure it's in the mid to high 80s. Say I wanted to go to the beach on a ridiculously hot day. What would I do? Any thoughts?

I am curious about this as well. We are in a heat wave right now and we've already had 11+ days over 100 degrees!

Oh my...where do you live?! I think the worst it's been in MA is the high 80s...maybe I wasn't paying attention lol

I am in Houston, TX - It's hot AND humid! And we haven't had rainfall in 5 months!

I wore my pump while in the sun in Arizona in April.  I think the 80 plus degree weather did impact the insulin, had some problems with high bg's after that.

for me - I don't see much degradation in the potency of the insulin -- and have had to keep bottles in over 90 degree weather for several days ...  


a lot of great replies here already - I'd add that Novolog seems to be a little more temperature extreme friendly than Humalog - so it may be helpful for folks to list their insulin type when providing experiences.  I know I have roasted my (Humalog) insulin into ineffectiveness on a couple of occasions.  When I go to the beach I carry backup supplies with a cooler pack 3 feet of kite string and a bandanna (flag)- I bury the case under my towel - it stays cool enough to keep it safe, it's easy to find and if I need to do a site change I have all my stuff... I will add that I'm a bit of a nut so this may be into the territory of A-D's-mad-antics...



Wow, I wouldn't have thought of that in a million years lol

Oh, and I use Novolog. I used to use Humalog, and I definitely noticed more problems exposing that to the heat.