Insulin needs and thyroid

For those of you who take thyroid hormone supplement, do you notice your insulin needs/carb ratio changing depending on whether you start going hyperthyroid (meds too high) vs. normal range vs. hypothyroid (meds too low)?

Hi @BKN480 ive been on synthroid for 25 years. Over the last 9 months I’ve taken a little too little, followed by a little too much (based on TSH blood testing). I’ve noticed no difference in insulin requirements.

Thanks for your input!

Not that I’ve noticed. I will say I went through a weight loss journey most of 2021, and my insulin and Levo doses went down, but not sure if the two were related (the insulin does change and the thyroid meds change) or just ultimately the less body mass I have the less insulin I need. My old endo did say that weight can affect levo doses so to me it’s hard to say, kind of like what came first the chicken or the egg :joy:

Hard to say. I may notice sure weight gain when my thyroid level is low, but as @Tee25 stated it’s chicken or the egg - did my weight go up because I’m not getting enough thyroid, or do I need more thyroid meds because I’ve gained some weight​:thinking::crazy_face:?
That said, I’ve been on thyroid meds for many years and lots of things can affect insulin requirements. If you’ve just started taking them and are noticing your needs have changed it may be they’re the reason.

I have been taking a synthroid for 15 years but have only been a T1D for about 8 months. I don’t notice any change in my IC ratio but I do notice that my BS goes up about 20 points after I take my medication (but my BS goes up in general in the a.m.) I just deal with it when I eat my breakfast.

I’ve been on synthroid for 20 years, been T1D for 1.5 years. My glucose goes up in the morning too. I think it’s very common, most likely unrelated to thyroid meds (I think, since it’s so common for all T1D-ers). Mine starts rising at about 4:00 a.m. and steadily goes up until anywhere from 9:00-11:00. I split my 10 units Lantus to eight in the morning and two at night. The two helps that morning rise not be so high w/out risking a hypo o/night. Anyway thx for your input!