Insulin Pens and refridgeration?

Can someone clarify for me the deal on insulin pens and refridgeration? I know to store them in the fridge till you use it the first time, but what about after that?

We use a mail order pharmacy and we were out of town for the day when the Novalog Pens arrived. Neighbor signed for the package that was packed in frozen gel packs but did not refridgerate them.  They were room temp for a couple of days.  Do think they are compromised?

My daughter has returned to shots after being on the pump and it seems my brain has purged insulin pen info that I didn't thing we would need again. 

Thanks in advance,



I'm not sure if the pens are compromised or not, I just wanted to say that when  I was on the pens I would never refrigerate them when I was using them.

I'd call the endo to be sure...but It seems to me the nurse said all insulin was fine if kept under 86 degrees and we were just diagnosed this week so this is really new info.  She did suggest we keep the unused portions in the fridge...hope this helps.

I use the pens. I think they should be fine as long as they werent exposed to heat. The pens should be in the refridgerator unless youre using one. Maybe contact a pharmacist and ask about how they would be if they havent been in refridge but havent been used.

I think it is fine. Keeping them in the fridge is just suppose to make them last longer. When i was on pens I kept them in the fridge except the one I was using and when I went on trips I would often carry around multiple pens without putting them back in the fridge and never noticed a difference.

I've been on the pen system for a few years now and I;ve only kept them refrigerated until I started using them. My pens were fine without keeping them cool afterwards. My doctors from CHOP even told me the same thing,  but you may still wanna check with your ENDO doctor.

Thank you for the feedback.  Sounds like we are most likely good.