Insulin pump and dance

Our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed about 6 months ago, and now we are excited to get a pump and sensor.

We are looking at the dexcom and tandem, but our daughter is very concerned of having things hooked up to her all the time, as she is a fashionista and a competitive dancer.

She’s worried about wearing everything at dance rehearsals under a leotard and how she’s going to clip things on to her, as she truly only wears dresses these days while our of the dance studio.

Any suggestions on what might work?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

I use a Tandem now and had Minimed several years prior to that - I was probably in my 40s when I started pumping, and from time to time wear mine in my cleavage but that of course may be for later, to put it tactfully :slightly_smiling_face:. I don’t mind tubing or showing my pump so I may clip it to my waistband if I don’t shove it in my pocket. I’ve also worn it under my arm, clipped to my bra, although that may be for later. I think there are leg bands with pockets you can buy - check websites such as - and some people use a sports band (like the reflective bands runners use) to clip their pump to, although that depends on the insertion site, and leg bands would be best with a remote control, which Tandem doesn’t have to my knowledge.
Another option is the #technology-management Omnipod, which is attractive to some precisely because it’s tubeless. I’m not very familiar with it myself but I believe it does integrate with Dexcom. I’m sure users on this forum will be happy to share their thoughts.

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I have been on Medtronic pump for about a year. I make do and it’s not so bad, but, if I were a child, I could see how that might be different. It is a matter of working around it, but, with dance, swimming, sports, etc. it would be challenging. I hope that you’ll get some helpful tips.

Most of the children that I see with pumps use tubeless. Omnipod. But, I don’t know much about it. I have considered switching to it. I think they have something new coming out soon. I’d explore the options though, before making a commitment and I’d discuss experiences with other parents of children who use various methods and brands of treatment. It has been a big adjustment for me, after doing MDIs for 19 years.

If i might add - I thought about looking into Omnipod a few years ago, and at the time you could request a free, non-working sample so you could see what it looks like up close and personal; and she can see if she has any sensitivity to the adhesive and just get an idea how it feels and looks on her body. I don’t think the sample has a cannula that goes under the skin so you’re missing that but otherwise it’s helpful to try out.

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my daughter is 10 and does gymnastics. She has the omnipod and dexcom. She is very self conscious about showing them and will try to time it right with rotating sites to have both on her abdomen for when they have meets, but in a leotard they do show through. for school she only uses her upper arms and abdomen and keeps them covered.

If yours is confident in showing the devices, the omipod can be decorated by her or with stickers and could match her outfit. The dexcom is lower profile and would be barely noticeable under a leotard on the abdomen.

I agree with getting the “sample” device from omnipod to see what she thinks. Definitely for active kids it seems like not having tubing is easier.

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My 12 year old daughter is quite active also, and has had great success with the Omnipod on the outer-front of her thighs.

I am 15 and am also a competitive dancer, it is my life❤️ I also use Tandem and Dexcom, I have found that I prefer to clip my pump onto the back of my leotard or even put it along the waist band of my tights and it stays well. For other styles such as jazz, I tend to wear Lululemon leggings and they have a small pocket along the waistband that fits my pump perfectly. I would recommend to find leggings and or shorts with those pockets as the pump feels much more secure this way rather than clipped on😉