Insulin pump belt pack case carrier...something new tummietote

My daughter Tallia Emily was diagnosed Sept 4, 2007 with Type 1 diabetes. I was so scared that for the next year and a half I slept on the floor in her room and woke her every couple hours to test her because I wasn't sure how quickly her blood sugar would fall. It seemed like I would never feel better.....always worrying, most days I would spend my days at her school, because I was scared ( my husband says crazy) but he truly was my savior.  November 7, 2008 my daughter got her insulin pump. Within several weeks of having it we realized that there had to be something better to carry the pump...something that would be so comfortable, it would feel like a second skin....tally was jumping on her trampoline one day and holding her pump so it wouldnt bounce....after a year of working on it we have created what we believe to be the most comfortable carrier for the pump, testing supplies, snack or any other small item like a cellphone. This belt has been my saving grace, knowing I was creating it for my daughter made me work that much harder on making it the best it can be. She wears it 24/7, it is comfortable no matter what your wearing pants, dress or just a t-shirt do not need something to clip it to. The end of my story is this, someday soon when a cure is found, I will sell the tummietote belt for skiing, long distance runners, hockey anything but an insulin pump but until then check out tally's belt at  thanx for your time..

These are so cute, like a discrete and stylish fanny pack.  I noticed that in the prints, you only have girly ones...maybe you should branch out into some boyish prints too.  Also, instead of waiting for a cure to be found, you can try extending your target sales to the athletes as well and donate a portion of the sales to finding the cure at JDRF. 

Anyway, I'd buy one of these belts myself, but I'm thinking about switching to the Omnipod, so I may not need it.  However, I might just get one so I don't have to carry a purse all the time, like when I go to the grocery store.  :o) 

Good luck with your new product and best wishes!

Very good idea. I agree that some more options for boys would be nice. Question: How wide is the band?

 thanx. I  have been trying to get my website updated with several "boy Designs" but having trouble getting in contact with the web designer, trying...if interested email me at and I will send you, several other designs...the belt is approx. 3 3/4" wide and comes in 3 sizes which i'm also trying to update on the website.they are extremely comfortable.

small fits  24" to 32"

medium fits 30" to 38"

large fits 36" to 44"


thats a very good idea for kids and older adults

thanx for all the nice comments, I like the discrete & stylish fanny pack ( I might use that)....we will be adding additional boy designs soon, the website designer it seems took a vacation....hopefully can update designs and waist sizes soon. I have already started selling the belt to runners and bicyclists.

On the omnipod don't you carry a hand held monitor, etc. It would probably fit into one of the 6" wide pockets . there are 3-  6" pockets. 

I wear it  to work daily, I own a landscape co. in addition to tallygear and I carry my cellphone ( my daughter  tally calls me every 2-3 hours with her blood sugar numbers so I want my phone close at hand, I love that kid, the light of my life.)  and I carry some cash in it....bending all day it works out really great for active people.  Thanx again for the kind words, hope all goes well with the Omnipod.   Best, Donna works great for my daughter  :)