Insulin pump clip

does and body have a pamadigm 722 medtronic minimed pump clip showen below that they do not want and are will to give away i like this ones but mine does not hold the swich button very good it pops out when i bump it so i would like to have a few so if you do have one i would like it has to fit a 722 (aka) 7 series thank you very much.


Casey, if you call minimed and ask, they might just send you a "freebee"  I got a free one,  and I also smashed one last year when  I fell down the stairs in my back yard... yea I know-  klutz. =)

oh thanks complety forgot about that and be more carefull.

i'm glad to hear someone else is unable to stand on their own two feet. i think i spend more time on the ground than i do standing up. (sorry to hear of your fall, though, joe)

I guess I'll admit it:  I also have my fair share of bumps, bruises and scratches!

yea i will have to addmit i have my 3 times a day thing so yea.

[quote user="Joe"]

 yea I know-  klutz. =)


I know ezactly how you feel!!!! I'm right there with ya! I trip over air! My whole family is a graceful bunch!

you guys are awesome!  thanks for th elaughs =)

I got excited over getting an e-mail for the shirts, ran to tell my parents, didn't turn the door handle in time and ran face-first into the door. It was funny :D

well you are ok rite alyssa i hope so.