Insulin Pump Misunderstandings?

So I'm a sophomore in high school, and last weekend I took the PSAT. In the middle of my concentration, and hardwork, the test administrator walked up to me, and said, "You need to take your cell phone off." I said, "It's an insulin pump." Ok. yeah, cell phones totally have clear tubing running out of them.THAT DISTRACTED ME FOR THE REST OF THE TEST BECAUSE IT MADE ME SO MAD. Oh well. haha people really really really need to understand the difference!

Pumps are pretty unusal.  When you take the SAT get there a little early and let the proctor know you wear a medical device.  

If I were you, I'd also explain you may need to test your blood sugar during the test and let the proctor inspect your pump, glucose meter and glucose tablets so they can see you're not using them to cheat.  

Hope you did well on the test.

I try to hide mine when taking tests like that. You get a break every hour, so use that time to test and eat if needed. Make sure you have plenty of battery life and insulin loaded so the alarm doesn’t sound. They don’t make exceptions for eating in test rooms or digging in your bag because to someone not knowing the situation, it looks like preferential treatment and its distracting. Pull your shirt over your pump and wear a Med tag. If they say something, explain. Otherwise act like its no big deal and test/eat during breaks. I’ve taken ACT and SAT. They aren’t nearly as scary as you make yourself think :slight_smile: