Insulin pump, pen, or syringes?

So, which one are you on, and which do you wish you were on?

For me, i am on the pen (humalog) and lantis pen too. I am going to get an Animas Ping sometime in January 09.

I used to be on the pens, but now i am on the omni pod insulin pump.

I love the omni pod :]


I'm on the Omnipod.  If it wasn't for the ability to use my arms in my site rotations, I think I might move to the Ping... in fact... well... time will tell...

Great question!



I am on the MiniMed 522 insulin pump.  I have been for the past 7years.  Before that, I was taking 4 needles a day.  I love my pump!!

I'm on the Omni Pod too! I love it! Hope we can be friends!

I'm on two pens, humalog and humalin.  The pump is something I am not into yet, as I just do not like the idea of having something always attached to me.  I want to look into Lantis and such, as I hear they are great and a nurse suggested with my young adulyt lifestyle it'd be a good idea to switch

I am on 3 syringe shots of novolog and 1 shot of lantis also syringe a day. I don't really want a pump until I am in college because of sports and the disconnecting and stuff seems complicated. I hate the lantis though it stings like none other.

I completely understand.  I didn't want to switch to a pump either.  I figured "if it's not broke, don't fix it".  I couldn't have been more wrong.  The pump is so much better and less complicated than I ever though possible.    Disconnecting is the easiest thing about it.  You just have too test your blood sugar a bit more when the pump is off just in case you are going too high.  I take it off when I am at the gym (usually an hour to an hour and a half) and I have no problems.  I have to pump more insulin when I reconnect to compensate for not having it in, but other than that it's easier than pie. new to this website my name is Jenn...Im in college and on shots bc i was on the pump and found it made me feel kind of like a you know what i mean? I dance at my college for the dance company and im afraid using the pump will cause problems with high bloodsugars in performances...what do you think???

If you get the Omni Pod you dont hve to unhook or any of that. I have the Omni Pod and loving it! I play basketball and softball and havent had a problem with it yet! I encourage you to google or maybe even tell your doctor that you want to try it out.

Im on the Minimed Paradigm 722 but i kinda wish that i could be on the Omnipod instead

I am on the animas pump and i think being on the insulin pump is good because you have more freedom.

Really? I was looking into it last year but then my family decided we were going to move so I didn't think we had time to go through the pump screening or anything and now I just haven't gotten around to it. I have heard it is better but I still don't know. Disconnecting is easy though? That is good to hear because I am in sports and stuff and i like swimming and that is what was worrying me. How old were you when you switched?

As a pump user and a RN pursuing my CDE, hopefully this will be helpful.  First and foremost, YOU need to decide which pump is best for YOU. Not your doctor, not your family.  Second, The Omnipod is the only tubing free pump.  It is great for that aspect, but if you are athletic, be warned that it can fall off without using a very strong adhesive.  The Medtronic pump is the only one right now to have the option of the CGMS.  However, sometime in 2009, both Animas & Omnipod will have one based on the Dexcom system.  You may want to wait to get a pump until then.  As for the Animas, it it the ONLY pump on the market that can be submerged in water up to 12 feet every 24 hours.  That means you do not have to detach.  You should not be removing your pump for exercise.




Ok. Yes that did help thank you for the advice. I like everything about the pump except the disconnecting which I am glad to hear that I do not have to disconnect for excersise. Except after giving myself shots for 4 years straight it would feel really weird not taking the shots. I really apreciate the advice and if you have anymore of it about anything I would love to hear it! From anyone too!

I am on the pen right now, (Novorapid) and (Levemir) and wish I had the omni pod but if I really think about it I have become so comfortble with the pen that I don't know if it really matters :)

I was on pens which I liked, but now I use an Omnipod which I LOVE!

right now i'm on the novolog pen and lantus (syringe)

hope to get a pump before summer though

Minimed paradigm 722! Love it! Disconnecting is easy by the way, just twist and the tubing is off. Takes two seconds, literally.


have you had any problems with the animas pump? i am going to get a ping and just wanted to know