Insulin Pump Recommendations?

I am considering using an insulin pump. I just cannot seem to control my b.s. I exercise pretty regularly & go to the pool/beach, so I have been having mixed feelings about it. There ae so many to choose from too. I was hoping some of you have had great results with a particular meter? Also, I am worried that it will be annoying as it will stay attached to my body. Can anyone help me please?? Thanks!!



**diagnosed at age 29**

Hi Karin!

I have been wearing the Omnipod pump for about one year now.  I really like it.  The benefits: It's wireless- there's no tubing, it has a remote control called a PDM that you just keep in your pocket or your purse or whereever.  Another benefit- the needle insertion (done every 3 days) is done automatically by the touch of a button on the PDM, so there is no manual insertion like other pumps. The pod you wear on your body is waterproof, so you can be in the water (just keep the PDM in your beach bag away from the water), and it stays put during exercise.  You can wear it on your arm, stomach, lower back or thigh. The other benefit is that it was covered under my health insurance plan.  The downfalls: I wish it had a CGM built in it, but it doesn't so I have to wear a separate CGM. Other than that, I don't have any complaints about it.  It's pretty slick.

Hope this helps,


The best advice I can give too anyone is too try them out. I have used the Minimed pump for 6 years. It's not "waterproof", Medtronics calls it "watertight."  I am not a swimmer or anything of the sort so I'm not sure what depth and how long it is safe for under water. The minimed has a CGM built into it and is very easy too use. It also has many different kinds of infusion sets too use. You can also get a remote with the minimed pumps.

My best advice would be too see the types you are looking at. I know the omnipod used to send out test pumps that you could wear on your skin too try it out for awhile. The one big draw back of the minimed is that it has a tube. It can be hidden but sometimes it will get caught on things and tear the tubing out or pull really hard on your skin.

I hope this helps!


I wear the MINI MED Paradigm 722 and love it.  I wouold say wear them and try them the reps will bring them to you and set them up so you can try them.  Or check out a diabetes expo.  I canoe kayak swim anything outdoors and have two kids that are rough on my pump.  the pump is not waterproof but with correct equip you can do anything anyone else can.  The omni pod was my least fav becase the pod is bulky and attached to your skin.  Liek I said try them out for your self.  Your pump is a big decission and I dont think you should use other peoples ref.

The 3 manufacturers in the US that I am aware of are Animas, Medtronic and Omnipod. Most people love the pump they are using. The biggest differences between them are taht Animas and Medtronic use tubing to connect to the cellphone size pump you have to wear. The omnipod is a bigger thing that you have to wear where you want the insulin to enter your body, but has no tube connected to anything else. (Omnipod will send you one to try out - without insulin).

Do your research and I think it is good to get opinions from people who use them. We chose the Animas Ping for our son because we decided the Omnipod was too big for a then 4 yr old. (I know there are younger kids that use the omnipod though). Then we wanted the smaller basal increments and the waterproof features. It also has the remote control to the pump in the meter, so that functions like the OMnipod PDM.

At the end of the day, they are all good pumps, so you will get a high quality device. Decide what is important to you and you will figure out which one is best for you.

There are many ways to keep it attached to you also.  Most brands now offer a remote if you want to keep the pump discreet.  Like I said try each one and pick one you really feel comfortable with.

I recomend the omnipod. I have been on it for almost 2 years. It was the best thing i have ever done. Its more expencive and is a pain in the butt when it goes off with and error but i love the fact it has only a little bit of tubeing. Also its easier to hide, all you have to do is not wear tight shirts.

Hi Karin--

I am getting a pump too and was just about to post the same thing! I am also up in the air for what I should get. I am really into watersports in the summer and would stongly prefer a waterproof pump. I think the only brand that my clinic offers is a Medtronic Minimed, so I hope I can get connections with an Omnipod or an Animas. Good luck, let us know what you end up getting and how you like it!