Insulin pump support after hours and weekends

I have only used Minimed and have contacted technical support on weekends and after hours. However, I just learned Tandem technical support wasn’t open or available yesterday Saturday nor today. Dexcom was and assisted my dad confirming the pump wasn’t pumping the required insulin since both blood tests and Dexcom sensor matched.
Any other pumps with 24/7 technical support other then Medtronic Minimed?

Edith @eroig13 did your dad actually call [or email] Tandem technical support?

i have called Tandem on weekends and received very fast, faster than I expected, support. Including one time when the agent reported my issue to a supervisor, I received a call-back from the supervisor who advised I cease using the pump and told me I’d have a new pump delivered early on Sunday to my door; 8:15 on Sunday I was programming a new pump.

In the mean time, I hope that your dad took the necessary injections to make a BGL correction, changed pump settings and ascertained that he didn’t have another issue such as infection.

He did call, but I understood the issue #1 the prompts are not cleat( minimed actually says “ if you need assistance with pump press …. With sensor press…. So not very clear for me what to choose and with 85!! I also noticed I was on hold for few minutes, so decided to ask. He had to change 3 times the site, training was 1 day and no hot line to ask questions. Thanks for your answer.

I no longer have Tandem but thought they had technical super 24/7 so I did a little investigating. I called Tandem, and pressed

1 for tech support
1 for sensors & transmitters OR 3 for pumps/car-tridges/infus-ion sets, and
1 for TSLIM X2 (if you have another model, press 2 here).

They may not be available on weekends but I’ve found my device trainers to be excellent resources following initial training, in lieu of a hotline.
I don’t know that Dexcom tech support is qualified to say that your pump is giving the wrong amount of insulin (@Dennis please correct me if I’m wrong here). They may be correct - either the starting basal rate is too high, or it did deliver more than programmed (the latter of which is highly unlikely). I’m sure your dad will be speaking with his doctor first thing on Monday - s/he might knew if Dexcom can give that kind of advice. Or Dennis might😊.

Well, since Dexcom works with the pump and it affects how Much insulin gets delivered. Tandem was contacted because Dexcom had high glucose alarm, the high remained for hours and double checked with blood tests. I would think that yes they should be able to check if pump is malfunctioning and if not recommend to change the quickset or whatever tandem calls the needle and reservoir. I am not disliking Minimed anymore if Tandem is unable to assist.

Thanks. Dexcom does work and actually tried to call Tandem, but wasn’t able to. I was about to get the t slim, but want to make sure support is same as Minimed 24/7 before changing. I did hear from someone who let me know he’s contacted Tandem on weekends before, but I need more research.

Absolutely do confirm that support is available 24/7. It certainly should be!
In my earlier response I meant to say I questioned whether Dexcom can advise you on getting too much insulin. I tend to conflate or confuse the two from time to time. I have edited my response. Apologies - that was a big gaffe. And I do have Dexcom now, but not Tandem.
I need to start limiting my writing to daytime hours. I’m going to go slap my head now…


I have issues sleeping and do same thing online.

Do you use a pump and which one? If you use a pump, can you let me know what you like and dislike about it?

My Medtronic 670 warranty expires in July. The quality of current quickset (part with needle) cause blockage etc and bleeding. My dad had the same issue , 40% of them have problems and don’t last long. copayment of supplies is also high, so looking for a better pump.

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Hi @eroig13 . My first pumps were Minimeds (Medtronic) but switched to Tandem before Medtronic’s smart guard technology came out. I was very happy with Tandem for several years but decided to check out Omnipod5 (with Dexcom) last fall. I wasn’t planning to switch but I did and I’m very happy with it. It’s algorithm works even better than Tandem’s Control IQ. A nice thing about Omnipod is there is no commitment, so you can try it any time - even while you’re still using another pump: when I tried it out my insurance covered Omnipod supplies instead of my Tandem tubing. People do tend to run higher initially with Omnipod as the system is “learning your body” but after two or three pods things settled in place for me. Do a search for “Omnipod” on the forum (and elsewhere) to get an idea of people’s experiences and what they think. It works very well for some, not so well for others, so it remains to be seen for each person.


Hi Edith,

I just verified, Tandem Technical Support is available today (Saturday). Call them at 1 (877) 801-6901, after the outgoing message choose the first option, #1. Next choose option #3 for assistance with a pump. Then option #1 for the T:slim X2, or option #2 for any other device. You should be able to get the help you need then!

Pam K.

Thanks so much for your reply. I found out my dad had difficulty contacting Tandem and Dexcom support called Tandem supposedly and told my dad they were closed. My dad had phone on speaker so my mom could hear so not sure why he got that answer.

Edith @eroig13, make very certain that your father is calling the correct phone number FOR SUPPORT - the phone number shown in his pump - and NOT the Corporate office that usually is closed on weekends. Calling in the USA:

For Tandem Technical Support: 1-877-801-6901

For Dexcom Technical Support: 1-844-607-8398

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I have recently found that one of the functions on the Tandem Technical Support line will automatically take you to Dexcom so that you reach the correct people for certain problems with your sensors/transmitter. I found that it often seems faster than calling Dexcom’s number. I realize that in reality it may not be faster but it at least kept me from having to dial another number.

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