Insulin resistance after Covid?

Curiosity question for those of us who have had Covid. I had Covid in March and then again in July. The first time I don’t really recall this as much other than a couple of extra weeks but the second time I’m definitely noticing this happening longer and curious if anyone else has had this happen too.

Thankfully both cases of Covid were mild for me.
I had two days of cold like symptoms and got better quickly which is wonderful. The one lingering thing I’m noticing is insulin resistance. Nothing in my personal life has changed- no new infections, not overly stressed, activity has stayed the same, weight has fluctuated the same 3-5 pounds it has the last year, and diet has been fairly consistent. No matter what I try, I just seem to need a lot more insulin just out of the blue.

So was more than anything curious if others had something similar after covid?

I used a temporary basal rate for 2 days and now my insulin requirements have returned to normal. IMO, try giving it a few days. A bad infuser might give the impression that you have insulin resistance as well. Just a thought.

See when I was actually sick I did the temp basal fro about 3-5 days. I’m about 6 weeks out now. Insulin sensitivity returned to normal but for like the last week or so it’s been super hard to stay below 150, even with all the usual things. I’ve upped insulin too. I have tried site changes and also new insulin!

I find my insulin needs change a couple of times a year - apparently with change of seasons. Just a thought.

@Tee25 : Ditto on @wadawabbit although I wonder if my insulin needs change more than hers from season to season. But I hope you can get more people to contribute Covid experiences - I haven’t had it. Knock every piece of wood in the house. But I want to hear from as many who’ve been there as will report what it was like.

Back in the olden days, when I was a dumb young college kid (not saying all college kids are dumb, but I was), I was sent to Joslin for a week for a brush-up on How To Be Diabetic before I was kicked off of my Mom’s insurance. Joslin did that back then. Classes and all that.

When they taught us about being sick - and bear in mind, most of us were taking one shot of insulin a day, at the time (1970s) - they used a phrase I had never heard before. They said, “When you’re sick, take half again as much insulin.”

Well, I got pretty sick, but in my misunderstanding I took half as much insulin - day after day. Insta-presto coma and days in the hospital. I barely remember my roommate carrying me, completely limp and half dead, into the ER.

I would never just take “half again as much”, one and a half times as much, insulin now. But I still take the lesson as a whole as a precautionary tale.

Be ready to require more insulin when you’re sick with anything, and different illnesses will affect you differently. I think I needed the most for the walking pneumonia that many people caught around 1998. Common cold, though: meh.

I have no doubt that age is a factor as well. But I have even no idea and am semi-petrified about what kind of adaptations a worse-than-mild case of Covid would require of me.

As for after-sickness needs, I’m pretty sure I’ve needed a little extra insulin for awhile after a bad bout of flu. My last flu was a long time ago, but I do remember being stumped about that. Maybe the symptoms of wellness appear before full recovery is achieved? And there are so many stories about how recovery from Covid is a mystery quite varied from person to person.

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