Insulin Resistance Onset, Reflux/digestion, blood pressure and other technicalities

Hey Ladies,

Here's the deal, I will be 29wks on Saturday.  Up until 2 days ago my BG's were fabulous- sure a spike here and a dip there, but amazing overall.  Nothing to difficult to figure out. 

Suddenly, and I mean 36-48 hours I have gone from near perfect to control to running 150 +/- 30 pretty much constantly.  Does insulin resistance set in THAT fast?  I figured it would be a gradual thing.

Also, I should note that I have been majorly nauseas and refluxy.  I am wondering if maybe my food isn't digesting properly and that is screwing up my BG's?  Any thoughts on that theory?

Oh, and my normally SUPER low blood pressure that has been slowly creeping up suddenly seems to be approaching the 'not so good' range.  Do BG's have any association with blood pressure? 

Any thoughts are appreciated.  I am seeing my doc tomorrow and calling the specialist too.  Sometimes  find that real world experience is more valuable than the docs ideas though


You're right on track for insulin resistance.  Usually starts in the 3rd trimester when progesterone levels increase and cause insulin insensitivity.  150 is a pretty gradual increase.  Start increasing your basal rates now and be aware you may need to lower your carb ratio too.  

Through first two trimesters of my pregnancy I took about 40 units of insulin a day.  But in the last my insulin needs increased slightly (a unit or 2) every couple of days.  By the end I was taking over 100u a day.  

If you are having digestion problems usually you'll have a low within and hour or 2 of eating, then a high a few hours later.  If that is happening stick to low carb and simple to digest foods.  Avoid baked potatoes, pizza, anything high carb or high fat.  

High blood sugar can affect blood pressure.  When blood sugar is high it is physically thicker and moves through veins with greater force, which causes high blood pressure.  The high blood pressure could also be related to the pregnancy.   It's symptom of preeclampsia, which also more common at end of the pregnancy, so your make sure to mention it to your doctor.

Hope your appointment goes well.

Thanks for the info!  I wouldn't have thought about the high blood pressure/blood sugar link like that, but that makes perfect sense to what is going on for me.