Insulin resistance or sensitivity?

You can have both type 1 and type is called latent autoimmune diabetes in adults or LADA.

This back and forth should come to end soon I hope. So, the definition of a food is you must "chew it"? I guess yogurt, butter and ice cream aren't a food then. Got it! You are the one that said tomato, etc... isn't a food, so that's why I said read the ingredients, because each ingredient is food. And most vitamins and supplements are NOT from food, they are synthesized, why do you think USA Today stated over 50% of Americans are chronically ill and most of us take some form of vitamins. How about this then, since it is obvious you won't believe me that I am no longer Type1. If you truly are educated and do have a brain like you just said, I am sure you would admit real nutrition only comes from real food, right? and not synthesized in a lab.  And I didn't say "plain food", I said it is superior food that you cannot buy at any grocery store. I'm only using the words from their website, yet you keep acting like I own the darn company or work for them.  How would you like it if I read you saying how much this new and improved insulin/treatment you are taking makes you feel awesome and you told everyone about it...can I say you must be peddling insulin or some treatment? Would it be fair to say that you must be some kind of insulin/treatment pusher? Of course that's not fair, so don't do it to me, just because I am happy with my own results and therefore eager to share it with others.

My not being Type 1 anymore aside, hopefully you can at least believe I have not bought a single vitamin, mineral, enzyme, pro-biotic, protein powder or energy drink, since I first started taking Super YASAi. Because of that I have saved several thousand this year on mine and my family's health.

P.S. Just because my answers to your questions have not been the type of response you expect, does not suddenly make my answers incorrect. In psychology, when someone doesn't feel loved by someone, it's not always because that person doesn't love you, but most often is because he or she shows love in a way you do not expect and therefore you cannot often see or feel. This still doesn't mean that person is not showing love. Well, truth works the same way, in everything. My answers have all been 100% true, though you didn't think so, because it wasn't the answer you expect. This still doesn't change the fact that what I said was true. And it takes several years for someone without diabetes to then develop diabetes, in your case, it took 6 years, 9 months. You must have had a very hard life and tried so many different regimens, no doubt mostly from hospitals, and you have come to the conclusion that nothing will ever heal your pancreas, and if I went through what you have been through, I would be extremely skeptical and cynical when anyone mentions anything that even resembles a cure. In other words, I understand where you are coming from, but try not to assume no one else on the planet could ever reverse their own disease, because that just makes you sound angry, not to mention, arrogant, too, because that also means you are saying that if you haven't found a cure, no one else on the entire planet will, and yes, that would be an extremely arrogant assumption.

I have the conclusion that there is a cure being worked on. Not all food is chewed, but a powder form of any food is considered a supllement, if it is just supplying the nutrients. The key word here is nutrients. You can get these same nutrients from eating these vegetables themselves and feel more satisfied in doing so. I am glad this supplement has been working for you, but you can't substantiate that it will work for the rest of us or even any of us. Until I see proof from credited authorities, I won't put my life on the limb. If there was research procedures going on, through acredited sources, I would be one of the first to sign for it, as I have done in the past and presently doing. But this product is being sold in health food "stores" for better health and you are pushing it as a diabetic cure. There is no real proof yet, to that effect. Show me the clinical trials or clinical trial results and I will change my opinion. Until then, I know that there still is no cure for diabetes of any type.

It sometimes takes years to develop diabetes and sometimes it takes just a car accident or certain diseases and infections can cause damage to your pancreas.

I have been receiving emails for this post for some reason and I cannot ignore them anymore.

Reversed, don't you think that if what you are saying were true that the research scientists around the wrold who have been working on developing  a cure for diabetes for years, would have figured this out by now ?? They are much smarter than you or I and have been working on this for years spending millions in researching it.

It is hurtful and wrong that you would post such rediculous information and possibly give someone who belongs to this website false hope. I have been T1 diabetic for 11 years and I know that mine was most likely caused by my immune system killing off my islet cells from a virus or illness I got as a kid. That is why T1 is an autoimmune disease. I follow all advances in possible cures and I doubt very highly that we would be spending so much on stem cell research and developing an artificial pancreas if it was as easy as eating or taking some stupid yasai supplement. I don't think you are or were ever T1 and honestly you probably aren't even T2. You are probably one of these people on the internet that made there own website under one of these supplement companies and gets paid everytime someone orders off your website ! It is sick to try to make money off of people that have a chronic illness by feeding them nonsense ! you should think twice before posting again as it is cruel !

I have been reading this post as well and must reply.  To:  Reversed....DON'T insult us Type 1's by telling us that we are taking a "drug" called insulin!  Why are you so defensive about this so-called natural food product?  Let me guess, because you want to publicize the business(s) through the Google search engine.  The more people that look up or view these businesses online...the closer they move up to the first page.  Not because you want to cure us Type I strangers!  Google-ing can benefit the business even when no purchase is made.  I am refraining from looking it up and believe and respect the others on Juvenation that have done so.    "Food in a bottle... the best way to keep it fresh and healthy."!!!  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING???  We all know that  "fresh" fruits and vegetables are the best.  If you do "your" research and look at the diets of people with Type I diagnosed prior to the discovery of insulin (1942-43),  their diets were very restricted, no processed or junk food.   What they ate were very low carbs and lots of fresh vegetables.  Their diabetes did not go away and they died of complications and starvation!  It was very sad for these individuals and their families. Some sites even show pictures of these Diabetics before death...very disturbing!   Don't you DARE tell us that we should not be taking the "drug" insulin or take less than what our doctors recommend!  It is what keeps us ALIVE!

What is it with all of you, I never said stop taking anything or take less of anything, either, alright there hateful one? In fact I already said I was continuing insulin while taking Super YASAi. I only got off my insulin when I was told I have T2, wouldn't you stop insulin if you were told that? I just started out sharing my wonderful experience, but now there are all these hateful ones taking all their past disappointing treatments out all on me. What have I ever done to you? Several people here kept asking me questions and so I kept responding. As I have said many times already, I am only sharing my awesome experience, but now I can see my experience has caused many here to become hateful and angry and I am still surprised my experience caused this. This proves that society is not ready to reverse disease, even when it can, even when the healthy food that can help you is right in front of you. You all know a lot about Diabetes I can see and all the scientific data, too, which is normal when living with diabetes for many years, but you all know absolutely nothing about what it takes to heal the pancreas -- if you did, you wouldn't have T1. And the fact that you are all still waiting for the FDA to ever back a treatment that will heal your pancreas proves to me that you will be waiting your entire life and never ever get better. I mean come on, even a blind person could see the FDA will never reveal a cure of any kind.

Last thought. In my decades here living on earth with all of you, I have come to the conclusion that the masses do what they are told by their doctor, the FDA and the AMA. And every healthy person I have ever met does not do what they are told by their doctor, FDA or AMA, rather they think for themselves and learn how to be healthy themselves, too, and break way from what the masses do. Clearly everyone here that I have had the displeasure of conversing with could only be from the masses. Remember in the movie matrix when Morpheus said to Neo: "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it." You are all plugged in! I am not, anymore. Hopefully we can be friends one day when you get unplugged.

OK! Now I have had enough of your BS theories and assumptions about the way we live and survive. WE DO NOT CHOOSE TO LIVE THIS WAY! We don't have a choice. You haranguing us and berating us because we are true diabetics and are still waiting for a cure and have to live with the treatment plans that work for us. I have lived a long life with diabetes and have not followed the orders of my doctors until the last couple years. Following my doctors orders has gotten my diabetes under better control and I have no complications from my diabetes. You are being very car salesman like and condescending. You are trying to push this supplement onto the rest of us. You obviously know nothing about the pancreas. Our pancreas are not ill. They are not working. They cannot be healed. What you are saying is along the lines of saying that you can bring the dead back to life. You obviously are of the conspireous thought that our government wants us to remain diseased. The FDA, scientists, and other organizations are trying to get cures for many diseases. These diseases cost the government and insurance companies more money than you can imagine. I know that all these entities would rather be making money instead of losing billions of dollars a year to the complications and treatments of all these diseases. This will take time and like you have been told more than once, diabetics were treated with organic and healthy foods for years before insulin became available. You theory does not work on type 1 and will only help control type 2. There is NO CURE!!!

So please, move on and we will not pester you any more than you are pestering us.

you don't have a it! Go ahead and live with your choice then and I will live with my choice. If you don't respond again, then I won't respond anymore to your hateful response...sounds simple to me. In other words, let me get the last word on this topic or I will continue pointing out your obvious mass produced brainwashed thinking, which is actually getting more fun the more I do it, though I know I should stop, since I would have a better response talking to a brick wall. So please, move on and I will not pester you any more than you are pestering me.


I can't believe that I asked one little question to see if anyone has either insulin resistance or sensitivity...only to get this......some of us will be DEAD if it wasn't for insulin injections or the pump. I myself would be dead now if insulin has not saved my life. Not only that, but 'reversed' we love you and want to show you the error of your ways. If you say you have been changed to type 2 diabetes because of this supplement, then you need to recheck your numbers with your endocrinologist. If not, then you can accept and live with your condition and not bring these false claims.

Here are the ingredients in Super YASAi:

INGREDIENTS: Organic Tomato, Organic Carrot, Organic Kamut, Organic Broccoli, Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Organic Sage and Organic Cinnamon.

from the website

Don't tell me THAT'S not a supplement!!!!!


There is always snake oil sellers, don't be bothered by the hype, I've reported reversedmoron several times we will see how long this site allows this nutjob to continue babbling brook trash... BTW, dx 06/06/1972